Technology Leaders

Establish A Technology Organization That Delivers Value Now And In The Future

As a technology leader, you work to prepare your organization for an unpredictable future. To succeed, you must establish a business that can rapidly respond to changing market dynamics, customer expectations, and systemic risk, all while staying aligned with business initiatives and maximizing technology returns.

Challenges You Face

You’re under pressure to identify and deploy the right technologies and digital strategies to differentiate your business and better serve your customers and employees. In addition, you must ensure your organization is ready to respond to future disruption. Forrester partners with you to establish a future fit technology strategy while helping you tackle your day-to-day challenges along the way, including:

  • Staying ahead of changing customer, business, and employee needs.
  • Elevating your technology team into a strategic driver of business growth.
  • Increasing pressure to deliver faster while maintaining security, cost effectiveness, and operational stability.
  • Obtaining buy-in and budget to implement technology and process innovation.
  • Acquiring, developing, and retaining talent.

Hear Forrester Principal Analyst Gordon Barnett share best-practice tips on how to define and execute an adaptive technology operating model that accelerates growth.

Bold Solutions Fit For You

Forrester helps technology leaders and their teams come together to deliver increased value to the business with aligned, future fit technology strategies that adapt to new opportunities, secure customer trust, and win on emerging customer demands.

Lead An Adaptive, Creative, And Resilient Technology Strategy

Forrester Decisions for Technology Executives helps leaders execute a future fit strategy that empowers the business to stay ahead of disruption and risk, capitalize on new opportunities, and grow faster than the competition.

Win Customer Trust With Optimal Security And Privacy

Forrester Decisions for Security & Risk helps leaders manage risk within strategic opportunities, protect business growth, and gain customer and employee trust with secure, private experiences.

Design, Architect, And Deliver A Customer-Led Technology Strategy

Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery helps leaders advance modernization initiatives with a holistic approach that accelerates delivery, improves value streams, and positively impacts critical business outcomes.


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Reimagine Three Core Drivers For Tech Strategy Success

Our ongoing research makes it very clear why some organizations are leading in the race to become customer-obsessed: They’re already adopting a future fit technology strategy that enables them to respond to constant change with more adaptivity, creativity, and resilience than their peers.

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