Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery

Technology design, infrastructure, and development are the digital expression of the business and require alignment, trust, and adaptability across the technology ecosystem. To ensure the business keeps pace with both internal and external demands, a disparate, legacy approach to architecture is no longer sufficient. Digital transformation can only be achieved by delivering high-performance IT.

Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery helps leaders collaborate to advance modernization initiatives. With a holistic approach that combines bold vision research, curated tools and frameworks, and hands-on guidance, you’ll accelerate delivery, improve value streams, and positively impact critical business outcomes.

Accelerate Technology Modernization Outcomes

Lead An Adaptive Organization

Scale agile methodologies and smart automation so your organization can rapidly respond to customer and market changes.

Drive Employee-Centric Innovation

Improve the employee experience with resilient architecture and operations across the technology ecosystem.​

Gain A Competitive Edge

Transform application development practices to capture new streams of business that address new market opportunities.

Key Priorities

As a technology architecture and delivery leader, you’re under pressure to deliver systems that drive business value while staying one step ahead of change. Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery is tailored to help you deliver on your most critical priorities:

  • Modernize with cloud and new computing architectures. 
  • Embrace modern application development techniques. 
  • Modernize enterprise applications and services. 
  • Deliver adaptive, resilient operations.  
  • Deliver data and AI at scale.
  • Empower employees with a digital workplace.
  • Architect and deliver emerging technology.
  • Lead a high-performing enterprise architecture and portfolio practice.

What’s Included In This Service

Forrester Decisions services are uniquely built to give you strategic insights for your role as a business leader in your organization and help you deliver on your functional role as a division or department leader. Here’s what’s inside:

Stay ahead of changing customer and market dynamics, plan for the future, and set your strategy with leading research. ​

  • Bold vision research
  • Customer insights
  • Trends and predictions
  • Market forecasts
  • Technology and service provider landscapes

Empower your team to conquer your priorities with proven strategic models and plug-and-play templates. ​

  • KPIs and peer benchmarks​
  • Assessments​
  • Strategic models​
  • Strategy templates​
  • Forrester Wave™ evaluations
  • Certification courses

Accelerate progress and de-risk decisions with best practices tailored to you and your team​.

  • Guidance sessions​
  • Peer discussions
  • Event attendance​
  • Dedicated relationship management

Forrester’s unique value is its understanding of market trends and how they relate back to technology. The research is written in a language that aligns to both technology and business leaders. Forrester unifies customer experience initiatives with traditional architecture concerns, helping our company succeed in a customer-driven environment.

Senior Director, Enterprise Planning, Retail Company

Support For Leaders And Team Members

Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery offers multiple levels of service to ensure the right expertise and degree of support for you and your team. Organizations often implement multiple leader and team seats across departments and divisions to ensure alignment on key initiatives. All service levels offer access to research, tools, data, and certification courses.



Procure deep expertise across your functional discipline through expert-led guidance sessions that help you apply unique research, tools, and data to your specific needs.


Develop a common language and toolset to strengthen your team’s expertise and skill sets with access to relevant certification courses and insights.

Meet A Few Of Our Technology Architecture & Delivery Analysts

Looking for more time with experts? 

Get in touch with our consultants to jump-start your initiative, execute on your technology design and delivery strategies, and anything in between.


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