B2B Marketing Leaders

Develop A Customer-Obsessed Strategy For Growth

Today’s B2B marketing leaders operate in a vastly different environment compared to just a few years ago. Heightened buyer expectations require new approaches and a truly buyer-first orientation. Meanwhile, the pressure to prove marketing’s value and revenue impact has intensified. Success in this climate requires bold, unwavering vision — and the agility to course-correct as conditions change.

Challenges You Face

Developing a sound, long-term marketing strategy that aligns with corporate growth goals and translates them into actionable plans is no small feat — particularly in today’s rapidly changing environment. We know you face many new dynamics, and we’ll help you tackle challenges along the way, including:

  • Communicating value to executives and positioning marketing as a strategic partner.
  • Gaining alignment and cooperation across marketing, product, and sales.
  • Addressing brand awareness and perception issues.
  • Establishing greater resiliency and adaptability across the marketing organization.

Hear Forrester VP, Principal Analyst Craig Moore’s best-practice tip for how to develop your annual marketing and investment plan.

Bold Solutions Built For You

Forrester helps marketing leaders and their teams expand their impact through a relentless focus on delivering value to existing and future customers.

Ignite Customer-Obsessed Growth

Forrester Decisions for B2B Marketing Executives helps leaders focus the business on customer value and drive measurable impact on growth, retention, and advocacy.

Base Your Business On Buyer Needs

Forrester Decisions for Portfolio Marketing helps leaders bring distinctive solutions to the right audiences that turn new business into long-term customers.

Unlock Unseen Possibilities

Forrester Decisions for Marketing Operations helps leaders use data and technology to highlight the insights that matter for increased marketing contribution and revenue growth.

Deliver Pipeline Momentum

Forrester Decisions for Demand & ABM helps leaders improve how they target, engage, and enable buying groups — transforming the daily hunt for leads into optimized paths for growth.

Optimize Your Partner Ecosystem

Forrester Decisions for Channel Marketing helps leaders create optimal partner loyalty and amplify exponential channel revenue and growth.


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