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Call For Entries: Forrester Technology Awards, 2024

Frederic Giron February 5, 2024
We’re now accepting nominations for our Technology Strategy Impact and Enterprise Architecture Awards across the NA, EMEA, and APAC regions. Learn more about the awards and how to apply in this post.

Will Digital Agencies Disappear?

What It Means 2 days ago
As all marketing becomes digital marketing, the need for specialized digital agencies will shrink. What’s in store for the agency landscape, agency jobs, and the marketers who work with agencies? VP and Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall weighs in on this week’s podcast episode.

What To Know: A Retrospective Of 2023’s Top Breaches And Fines

Sandy Carielli 2 days ago
After a retrospective review of the largest publicly reported breaches and privacy violations in 2023, here's what you need to know for 2024.

Avoid Zombie AI Projects With Our Best Practices

Download our AI myths and best practices guide. Learn how to avoid missteps, prioritize value, and move AI projects out of limbo with quick wins.


​Data Quality Is Now The Primary Factor Limiting GenAI Adoption​

Brett Kahnke 4 days ago
With the rapid advancement of genAI technology available to businesses even without highly specialized skills, internal data quality is now the primary limiting factor standing in the way of genAI enablement.

AT&T Outage Shines A Spotlight On Network Dependability

Octavio Garcia Granados February 23, 2024
What are the key lessons telecommunications carriers and IT and technology leaders can learn from the recent AT&T outage? Find out in this summary of the outage and its impact on IT leaders.

Gemini For Google Workspace Plays The Long Game

J.P. Gownder February 23, 2024
Google recently announced its new generative AI solution for productivity, Gemini for Google Workspace. Can it compete with Microsoft Copilot? Here's what tech and business leaders need to know.

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Digital Payments Have Surpassed Traditional Payments In The US

Nicole Murgia 1 day ago
Read this Forrester blog for data insights on what digital payment methods consumers are using instead of credit cards and cash.

Breaking Down The US Executive Order To Protect Americans’ Sensitive Personal Data

Stephanie Liu 1 day ago
Learn the key takeaways and market impacts from the Biden administration’s executive order to protect Americans’ sensitive personal data.

Separate Generative AI Fact From Fiction

Want to realize the true potential of generative AI? Discover what it can (and can't) do for you. Explore our generative AI insights to guide your journey and your choices.


Key Shifts In Product Management For A Successful Hardware-As-A-Service Subscription Model

Lisa Singer 2 days ago
Over the last few years, hardware vendors have been pivoting their revenue strategies from a perpetual model to subscription. The subscription model is undeniably here to stay. Vendors often struggle to make this change effectively, however, and understandably so. The move requires a significant mindset shift — from a one-time sale to a long-term promise […]

Forrester’s Performance Optimization Model: Redesigning The IT Investment Thesis

Christopher Gilchrist 2 days ago
In the rapidly evolving technology market, understanding the drivers of company performance is paramount when aiming to sustain and even increase your competitive positioning. Learn how to do that using Forrester’s Performance Optimization Model.

Peer Discussion Highlights Best Practices In Marketing Data Strategy

Simon Daniels 2 days ago
At a recent peer discussion with Forrester clients on the topic of best practices in marketing and sales data strategy and management, we discovered that data quality, ownership, and aggregation, among others, are common issues and shared experiences for their resolution.

Customer Success Platform Consolidation Reflects Market Dynamism

Shari Srebnick 2 days ago
Customer success platform vendors Totango and Catalyst have announced plans to merge. Is this the start of an acquisition trend in the space? Find out more in this analysis.

Simple Tool, Big Impact: Winning Support For CX Initiatives

Join us on March 26 to learn how to use Forrester’s CX Business Case On A Page template to structure and manage a persuasive case to gain support for your CX initiatives — complete with a template walkthrough.  

60% Of Skeptics Will Use (And Love!) GenAI

Surprised? Download Forrester’s 2024 Predictions guide to see why progress will be driven by exploration — and 14 other global predictions on AI, privacy, B2B buyers, hybrid work, and more.


344: Demystifying Generative AI

The CX Cast 3 days ago
What do CX pros need to know about the promises and perils of generative AI? Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Martha Bennett explains the statistical complexity in layman’s terms and offers recent CX examples to illustrate the new paradigm.

From Dominance To Decline: Global Brands Are Losing In China

Xiaofeng Wang 3 days ago
For years, China’s economic growth and consumer market have been a magnet for global brands seeking expansion. However, the tide has turned, and domestic brands are now gaining momentum, surpassing their foreign counterparts in sales, revenue, and market share (see Figure 1). My latest report, From Dominance To Decline: Global Brands Are Losing In China, […]

The B2B Cross-Border Payments Market: What’s Hot In 2024?

Meng Liu 3 days ago
The fast development of emerging technologies such as AI/ML and blockchain makes the competitive landscape competition in the B2B cross-border payments market even more intense. Learn more in this preview of a new report.

El Futuro De La Segmentación De Redes 5G (5G Network Slicing) 

Octavio Garcia Granados 3 days ago
Muchas de mis conversaciones recientes sobre 5G se han centrado en el futuro de la segmentación de redes. Quieren discutir fechas, desafíos, oportunidades, casos de uso e industrias. La realidad no es tan rosa como podría pensarse, dada la dependencia de comunidades ajenas a la industria de las telecomunicaciones. Como principal objetivo, la segmentación de […]

Can Platform Teams Improve Shared Services?

Julie Mohr 3 days ago
Business and technology leaders are moving away from shared services due to their association with delays, inflexibility, and bureaucracy. These negative perceptions have led organizations to seek alternatives to meet their agile and digital team requirements.

Align Your Tech Architecture To Business Outcomes

Learn how Forrester’s Outcome-Driven Architecture Model can align your EA strategy to business outcomes.


Participate In Forrester’s Q1 2024 State Of B2B Events Survey: Unlock Valuable Insights For Your Organization

Conrad Mills 4 days ago
Forrester’s B2B event trends survey is back, and we’re inviting you to participate! Everyone completing the survey will gain access to the latest market trends and crucial information on building an audience-centric, integrated event strategy within their organization. Overview In the wake of the COVID pandemic, the B2B events landscape has undergone significant transformations. While […]

Here’s How To Get Your S/4HANA Migration Plans Under Control

Dario Maisto 4 days ago
No matter what stage you’re at with your SAP S/4HANA migration planning, take these five steps now to help mitigate some risks.

What AI And Automation Technologies Make The Most Sense In Retail Today?

Sucharita Kodali 4 days ago
We just released an evaluation of more than a dozen AI and automation solutions and mapped them according to maturity and utility.

Ditch The Old Playbook: B2B CMOs, It’s Time To Lead The E-Commerce Charge

Christina Schmitt 5 days ago
In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, where change is the only constant, CMOs find themselves standing at a critical crossroads. The traditional playbook is becoming obsolete, and B2B buyers demand seamless online experiences. The landscape is shifting, and those who fail to adapt are bound to be left behind in the dust of their […]

What’s Hot (And What’s Not): The Top Retail Commerce Initiatives For 2024

Brendan Witcher February 23, 2024
We share some of the top retail commerce initiatives that retail business pros will invest in for 2024.

Fuel Growth With Strong Marketing-Sales Alignment

Download our alignment handbook to thrive in a complex buyer landscape with teams, processes, and objectives aligned across the customer lifecycle.


Prescription For Change: Cybersecurity Outage Highlights Critical Vulnerabilities In Healthcare

Jeff Pollard February 23, 2024
A recent cybersecurity incident at Change Healthcare cause the pharmacy claims processors to take its systems offline. Learn the implication of this event and five things firms can do to prepare.

Your New Data Center Services, Infrastructure Outsourcing, And Semiconductor Analyst

Alvin Nguyen February 23, 2024
Learn which Forrester analyst now covers data center services, infrastructure outsourcing, and semiconductors.

CMOs: Advancing From GenAI Pilots To Proficiency Doesn’t Come Easy

Jay Pattisall February 23, 2024
As the initial awe surrounding generative AI (genAI) fades, marketers must navigate a more pragmatic phase of genAI adoption. The first step is to understand adoption roadblocks and how to avoid them.
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