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Biden’s Executive Order On AI Is Broad In Scope And Laser-Focused On Spurring Innovation Without Undue Risk

Alla Valente November 1, 2023
The new executive order calls for a “societywide effort” from government, the private sector, academia, and civil society to address eight AI priorities.

Email Marketers: Empathize With Customers To Stay Off Their Naughty Lists

Shar VanBoskirk 10 hours ago
Use our tips to help your email programs perform better and strengthen long-term customer loyalty this holiday season.

Tech Leaders: Drive Toward Successful Business Outcomes In 2024

Matthew Guarini 1 day ago
Discover the three distinct ways that leading CIOs are driving their firm’s growth agenda (and how they’re using generative AI).

Separate Generative AI Fact From Fiction

Want to realize the true potential of generative AI? Discover what it can (and can't) do for you. Explore our generative AI insights to guide your journey and your choices.


Welcome To The Chip Wars, Microsoft

Glenn O'Donnell November 17, 2023
The move erodes lucrative business for the current main players. We break down what it means for tech buyers.

Predictions 2024: How Tech Leaders Will Tackle Growth, Talent, And AI

What It Means November 16, 2023
What’s in store for tech leaders in the year ahead? Find out as Vice Presidents and Senior Research Directors Matthew Guarini and Fred Giron discuss Forrester’s 2024 predictions for technology leaders.

To Build A GenAI-Powered Business App, You Need More Than An LLM

Ted Schadler November 13, 2023
A simplistic genAI approach won’t scale, won’t be cost-effective, won’t fully protect you, and won’t put all your proprietary knowledge to work. Learn about a new genAI application architecture called layers, gates, pipes, and loops.

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Three Mistakes That Demand And ABM Marketers Make In B2B Expansion

Nora Conklin 6 hours ago
Expansion is gaining focus across the board at B2B organizations. While large enterprises have long been focused on expanding their influence and share of wallet with top customers, more small and midsize businesses are now emphasizing cross-sell and upsell targets in their revenue goals. This is for good reason. It’s more cost-effective to mine existing […]

EDR Is Officially Out, And XDR Still Won’t Solve Your SIEM Problems

Allie Mellen 6 hours ago
In Forrester’s defining report on extended detection and response (XDR), we predicted that endpoint detection and response (EDR) as we know it was dead and replaced by XDR. That day has finally come: Forrester is retiring The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Detection And Response Providers. The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Detection And Response Providers Is Retired From […]

60% Of Skeptics Will Use (And Love!) GenAI

Surprised? Download Forrester’s 2024 Predictions guide to see why progress will be driven by exploration — and 14 other global predictions on AI, privacy, B2B buyers, hybrid work, and more.


How Poor UX Affected My Choice of Insurance Provider

Senem Guler Biyikli 23 hours ago
Learn how poor UX directly affected this analyst’s choice of insurance provider — and how to avoid the same mistakes.

The State Of B2B Marketing Measurement In 2023: Five Key Observations

Ross Graber 23 hours ago
What exactly is the current state of B2B marketing measurement, what do B2B marketing leaders need to look out for, and what can be improved? Here are five key measurement observations from Forrester’s Marketing Survey, 2023.

OpenAI Has Five Possible Paths To Monetization

J.P. Gownder 1 day ago
For OpenAI to further scale its grand ambitions, it will need to evaluate five routes to monetization. We rank them from most to least likely.

Three Last-Minute Tips To Make Retail Customer Service Merry And Bright

Christina McAllister 2 days ago
During the holiday retail crunch and last-minute scramble, read Forrester’s tips to ensure a merry customer service retail season.

Have You Developed Your Journey-Centric Transformation Roadmap?

Joana de Quintanilha 5 days ago
Use Forrester’s Assessment To Develop Your Journey-Centric Transformation Roadmap Journey centricity requires a change in operating model, moving six operational levers in concert, through three phases of transformation: activate, connect, and extend. It requires a clear plan to guide progress across levers, journey teams, and geographies. CX leaders must steer their firms to: Transform through […]

Is Your Technology Architecture A Growth Driver — Or Roadblock?

Download our e-book to learn strategies for aligning EA, AppDev, and infrastructure operations to power business growth.


Optimize Digital Budgets, Service Providers, And Skills — Or Lose The Digital Race

Dan Bieler 5 days ago
Forrester surveyed digital business strategy decision-makers globally on their priorities, investments, and organizational structures.

Evolving B2B Marketing Mindsets

Craig Moore 6 days ago
Marketing has become a strategic function in driving revenue growth for B2B companies, but to continue improving, marketing leaders must challenge long-held beliefs and retool their mindsets to embrace the evolving customer lifecycle and complex buying journeys. Let’s explore the ingrained mindsets that B2B marketing leaders must abandon to evolve and thrive. The mythical B2B […]

NVIDIA Faces An Army Of Opponents That Might Include You

Glenn O'Donnell 6 days ago
Find out what's driving NVIDIA's phenomenal success and get an insightful look at who their next competitors may be.

Prévisions 2024 : le secteur public mondial s’attaque à des changements politiques et technologiques profonds

Sam Higgins 22 Novembre 2023
La gestion des défis imminents à l'intérieur du pays et à l'étranger nécessitera une action audacieuse et continue de la part des dirigeants gouvernementaux.

VMware Customers: Brace For Impact

Tracy Woo 6 days ago
With the VMware-Broadcom deal set for closing, what should you know? Learn five key things VMware customers can expect in the coming years.

Fuel Growth With Strong Marketing-Sales Alignment

Download our alignment handbook to thrive in a complex buyer landscape with teams, processes, and objectives aligned across the customer lifecycle.


‘Tis The Season To Master Retail Media

Nikhil Lai 6 days ago
Retail media’s challenges signal growing pains unlike those of other channels. Read more on Forrester’s insights for this holiday season.

Your Data Culture Is DOA

Kim Herrington November 21, 2023
In Forrester’s Data Culture And Literacy Survey, 2023, we uncovered key insights about the state of data culture in organizations. Shockingly, nearly half of employees lack the ability to search for existing insights and struggle to find reports, data sets, and insights. Don’t miss out on gaining a competitive advantage by revitalizing your data culture.

Holiday Magic Begins With Empowered Store Associates

Lauren Cevallos November 21, 2023
As retailers enter their busiest period, leveraging store associate tools is a must. Read Forrester’s insights on how to maximize their potential this season.

Advertisers Will Take The Bait And Test TikTok Shop This Holiday Season

Kelsey Chickering November 21, 2023
TikTok Shop will be a key player this holiday season. Discover how advertisers can get the most out of the new social commerce player.

Forrester’s 2023 US Federal CX Index™ Reveals Uneven CX

Colleen Fazio November 21, 2023
(written with Daniel Portillo, senior research associate at Forrester) First, the good news: US federal customer experience (CX) remains steady amid an unprecedented two-year decline in average CX quality in the US private sector (link for Forrester client access only). Now, the not-so-good news: Federal CX remains, on average, the weakest among the 13 verticals […]

November 14, 2023

See Outcome-Driven EA Practice Benefits In Action

Join our exclusive webinar and unlock the secrets to high-performing, outcome-driven enterprise architecture with real-world models and examples you can implement today.


331: How To Design Great Workshop Activities

The CX Cast November 21, 2023
Senior Analyst AJ Joplin goes deeper into how to design, plan, and facilitate a workshop, this time discussing approaches to designing the workshop activities. Whether your workshop is for journey mapping or experience design, AJ explains how to guide participants to outcomes.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: A Parting That Is All Sweet And No Sorrow

Simon Daniels November 21, 2023
Adopting the revenue waterfall for demand management brings many benefits, meaning that parting with leads can be all sweet and no sorrow.

Apple Sales And Profits Analysis For FY 2023 — Top 10 Insights

Jitender Miglani November 21, 2023
Read this blog for analysis and the top 10 key takeaways from Apple’s FY 2023 sales and profits reporting.
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