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Make People The Key To Your Success In An AI World

James L. McQuivey, PhD June 11, 2024
Success with AI will depend on how effectively you lead your people who leverage powerful AI tools. Learn how to effectively find and train talent for AI in this preview of our upcoming Technology & Innovation Summits.

CrowdStrike Global Outage: Critical Next Steps For Tech And Security Leaders

Andras Cser 1 day ago
Technology leaders woke up this morning to find that a software update by cybersecurity vendor CrowdStrike had gone badly wrong. Get updates on the steps that your organization should take now and in the long term as a result of the CrowdStrike outage.

Planning Season Is Coming. Use Forrester’s Planning Guides To Cut Through Complexity.

Sharyn Leaver 3 days ago
Our Planning Guides will steer you toward budgeting decisions that set you up for success in 2025. Get a preview of what to expect when the guides launch on August 1.

Align Marketing And Sales Teams On Customer Value

Want to maximize revenue by prioritizing customer value? Discover how the Forrester Opportunity Lifecycle keeps teams engaged with customers at every stage of their journey.


The Benefits And Challenges Of Industry Clouds

What It Means 3 days ago
What are industry clouds? What are their use cases, benefits, and drawbacks? Find out as VP and Principal Analyst Kate Leggett provides a detailed look at the latest trends in industry clouds.

The CEO’s Guide To Building Generative AI

George Colony 4 days ago
Creating our generative AI tool, Izola, taught us some very valuable lessons. Here are five that may help you on your own genAI journey.

Rethinking IT Strategy: A Comprehensive Blueprint For Success

Frederic Giron 6 days ago
Traditional approaches to IT strategy can result in plans that are disconnected from the actual needs and dynamics of business operations. Learn how Forrester's new IT strategy blueprint can help create an IT strategy that continuously optimizes business results.

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T&I Summit EMEA 2024: Staying Resilient In A Fluid Technology And Threat Landscape

Tope Olufon 2 days ago
“Resilience” is an oft-quoted and reasonable ideal that technology professionals and, by extension, the businesses they serve, strive for. But as anyone who works in the tech industry knows, our digital systems are often anything but, with security threats looming like the sword of Damocles. Business and technology leaders often manage risk by building systems […]

Prime Day 2024: How Retailers Competed With Amazon

Sucharita Kodali 2 days ago
Read key insights from Sucharita Kodali on how major retailers and brands competed with Amazon’s Prime Day 2024 event.

Don’t Get Blinded By Shiny Tech Objects

Get our guide to building a business case for emerging technology investment, identifying use cases, and securing support — and learn how Forrester’s CaDI analysis framework can prevent you from going down the wrong path.


Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Threat Defense Solutions, Q3 2024

Paddy Harrington 2 days ago
Mobile devices are ubiquitous and an essential business platform for many organizations. Like early desktop PCs, the security of mobile devices was left to the OS manufacturers, and just as for desktops, this is no longer an adequate line of defense. The idea that mobile OSes are inherently secure and that apps downloaded from the […]

Sometimes Less Is More For Cloud-Powered Innovation: How Utilities And Telcos Are Rationalizing Their Clouds

Sam Higgins 2 days ago
Our latest report highlights how these linear asset-intensive industries, although relatively late to public cloud, are now eagerly pursuing its potential.

La saison de la planification budgétaire a commencé

Sharyn Leaver 18 Juillet 2024
Utilisez les Planning Guides Forrester pour éliminer la complexité. Une nouvelle saison de planification débute et nous avons des raisons de faire preuve d’un optimisme mesuré. L’économie mondiale reste solide malgré les inquiétudes persistantes liées à l’inflation. Les technologies émergentes, et plus particulièrement l’IA générative, ouvrent de nouvelles voies de croissance pour les entreprises qui […]

Die Budgetplanungsphase 2025 steht an

Sharyn Leaver 18 Juli 2024
Forresters Planning Guides werden Ihnen helfen, Ihre Budgetentscheidungen so zu treffen, dass Sie 2025 erfolgreich sein können. Erhalten Sie eine Vorschau darauf, was Sie erwartet, wenn die Leitfäden am 1. August erscheinen.

Summer Heats Up With PathFactory Acquisition Of Uberflip

Phyllis Davidson 4 days ago
I last wrote about content tech this past spring in a blog about Adobe Summit announcements featuring AI for content, data, and customer journey innovations. This week — along with a brief respite from a midsummer heat wave — came news of an acquisition in a key, albeit niche, area of content tech. In a […]

Capture & Prove Marketing’s True Value Beyond Sourcing Metrics

Download our measurement toolkit to discover demand performance indicators and metrics to reveal marketing’s real business impact across complex buyer journeys.


MQLs Are Holding You Back: Drive More Marketing Revenue With Buying Groups

Learn how to make the strategic shift from MQLs to buying groups and discover a new approach to drive revenue growth.

363: Live At CX Summit EMEA, 2024

The CX Cast 4 days ago
We come to you live this week from Forrester’s annual CX Summit EMEA conference in London, England. This year, sessions will focus on blending generative AI with human capabilities, plus how this will impact CX, marketing, and digital. We capture some familiar (and new!) voices discussing the research they’ll be sharing throughout the event. Featuring: […]

Happy AI Appreciation Day! (Yes, That’s A Thing.)

Brandon Purcell 4 days ago
With all of the attention bestowed on AI, it may feel as though every day is AI Appreciation Day. Today — on the actual AI Appreciation Day — we look at its impact on companies and on society and how hesitant leaders can get on board.

Securing IoT Devices Demands Applying Zero Trust Principles

Paddy Harrington 5 days ago
Two recent sets of vulnerabilities discovered in medical IoT devices highlight the importance of implementing Zero Trust principles when deploying IoT devices. Learn more in this post.

Navigating The Research-Stakeholder Partnership: Five Lessons From The Field

Senem Guler Biyikli 5 days ago
Getting stakeholders on board is crucial for customer research to have a real impact on decisions. The Forrester report, “Build Effective Research Partnerships To Ensure Impact,” delves into how researchers can build strong partnerships with stakeholders throughout the research process. This blog covers five often-overlooked lessons from the report that are crucial to build effective partnerships with stakeholders.

ServiceNow And Atlassian: The Rise Of IT Management Platforms

Charles Betz 5 days ago
As one of the Forrester analysts in attendance this spring at the ServiceNow Knowledge 2024 and Atlassian Team 24 conferences, I noticed a palpable change. Beyond the usual vendor conference experience (keynotes bookended by oppressively loud music, big show floors, and the general feeling of drinking from a fire hose), this year it became clear […]

The Paid Media Paradox

Nikhil Lai 5 days ago
Digital marketers like digital marketing much more than consumers do. A new report explores in greater depth how consumers’ behaviors contradict marketers’ investments.

Australia And New Zealand: Navigating Business And Technology Priorities For 2024

Sam Higgins 6 days ago
Australian and New Zealand business and technology professionals have vastly different priorities as their organizations strive for a return to sustainable growth.

Threading The Needle On GenAI And Developer Experience

Andrew Cornwall July 11, 2024
Let’s face it: A lot of what developers do is routine. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard a developer declare, “Hooray, I get to set up a SQL database!” (Well … maybe I’ve heard that once or twice — I know a lot of developers who are connoisseurs of sarcasm.) However, when it comes to […]

Microsoft Enters (And Disrupts) The Burgeoning SSE Market

David Holmes July 11, 2024
Learn what Microsoft Entra Suite will mean for the security service edge (SSE) market and how users and companies considering SSE solutions should respond.

Fuel Growth With Strong Marketing-Sales Alignment

Download our alignment handbook to thrive in a complex buyer landscape with teams, processes, and objectives aligned across the customer lifecycle.


Four Questions To Ask When Selecting An All-In-One Event Management Platform

Conrad Mills July 11, 2024
Too many organizations treat their event technology as a tactical rather than strategic asset, with different teams selecting and deploying solutions in silos. This leads to wasted resources, overlapping capabilities, and data silos. Consolidating on to a single all-in-one event management platform (EMP) solves these challenges and also helps teams deliver more personalized and digital-centric […]

Teamwork Lessons From Config 2024

AJ Joplin July 11, 2024
Read on to learn how Figma is approaching rapid growth, organization, partnership, craftsmanship, and collaboration.

Introducing The Digital Banking Processing Platforms Landscape, Q3 2024

Huard Smith July 11, 2024
Explore Forrester’s digital banking processing platforms landscape report, highlighting 26 vendors and the transformative potential of these modern core banking systems for enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency.
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