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The GenAI Imperative

George Colony September 7, 2023
Generative AI isn't crypto, or blockchain, or the metaverse. Unlike other new technologies, for which we typically advise a cautious approach, we believe you must act on genAI now.

How Will Generative AI Change B2B Marketing?

What It Means 3 days ago
For all the FOMO that generative AI has inspired among B2B marketers, many aren’t sure where to start with it. Principal Analyst Lisa Gately shares her insights this week on What It Means.

Were Our Predictions For 2023 Correct?

Sharyn Leaver 4 days ago
We made bold calls for 2023. Did they come true? Discover the accuracy of Forrester's Predictions 2023. And get a first peek at what we'll cover in our 2024 predictions.

Separate Generative AI Fact From Fiction

Want to realize the true potential of generative AI? Discover what it can (and can't) do for you. Explore our generative AI insights to guide your journey and your choices.


Revenue Operations: Nine Myths And Two Realities

Laura Cross September 15, 2023
Revenue operations has exploded in popularity, but misconceptions about it abound. Here, we reveal nine common myths and highlight two key realities.

US Banks Must Get Ready For Open Banking Now

Jacob Morgan September 14, 2023
Open banking is imminent in the US, and banks must prepare now to be ready for the CFPB’s Personal Financial Data Rights rule.

Responsible Design

What It Means September 14, 2023
Delighted customers or PR nightmare? The difference can boil down to responsible design. Before your company ends up in an IRL episode of “Black Mirror,” listen to this podcast about responsible design featuring Principal Analyst Gina Bhawalkar.

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Salesforce Debuts New High-End Editions For Sales And Service

Liz Herbert 2 days ago
Salesforce customers constantly ask us about how to optimize their deal to ensure best value for the (increasingly large) spend. While most of our clients still perceive differentiated value in using Salesforce, they also want to make sure that they’re optimizing their multimillion-dollar deals — due to the high spend and high impact on their […]

Splunk Is Good For Cisco, But Cisco Needs To Convince Splunk Customers That Cisco Is Good For Them

Allie Mellen 2 days ago
On September 21, Cisco announced its intention to buy Splunk for $28 billion in cash, its largest acquisition ever and fourth this year. This is a massive investment and win for Cisco from two perspectives: observability and security. Cisco’s full-stack observability platform could catapult into relevance against established competitors overnight. Similarly, on the security side, […]

Low-Code Opens Up New Opportunities For Marketers To Elevate And Control Martech

Joe Stanhope 2 days ago
Low-code application development is revolutionizing how enterprises develop technology. Any tech ecosystem in which multiple applications, data sources, and processes intersect is ripe for low-code innovation. Martech is notoriously complex and dynamic, so it’s no surprise that low-code is finding its way into the marketing department. Marketing adoption of low-code appdev is still nascent, but the […]

Serverless Functions Hold A Lot Of Promise … And Potential Security Flaws

Janet Worthington 2 days ago
A full-stack developer must program in HTML/CSS and JavaScript as well as be responsible for back-end development of sever-side processes for data storage and retrieval, business logic tasks, authentication, and integration with third-party APIs in programming languages such as Go, .NET, Java, Rust, and Node.js. In addition, full-stack engineers must be knowledgeable about development and […]

A Potential EU Ban On “Climate-Neutral” Terms And Labels Will Force CMOs To Revisit Their Communication

Thomas Husson 3 days ago
The European Parliament and Council have reached a provisional agreement on new rules to ban misleading advertisements and provide consumers with better product information. Generic Environmental Claims Will Be Banned Specifically, terms such as “environmentally friendly,” “natural,” “biodegradable,” “climate-neutral,” or “eco-” will be banned without proof of recognized excellent environmental performance relevant to the claim. […]

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q3 2023

Erik Nost 3 days ago
A lot has changed since the last Forrester Wave™ evaluation on vulnerability risk management (VRM) in 2019. Since then, the VRM market has experienced several mergers, an unprecedented increase in volume of common vulnerabilities and exposure, and vulnerabilities such as Log4j that will forever live in infamy (and responder nightmares). All these factors mean that […]

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: When Should We Create The Opportunity Entity?

Terry Flaherty 3 days ago
In this week’s Saying Goodbye to MQLs blog, we identify three common points in the revenue process where organizations can create the opportunity entity.

Forrester’s 2023 Enterprise Architecture Awards Winner And Finalists For APAC

Sam Higgins 3 days ago
Learn how our APAC Enterprise Architecture Award winner and finalists use outcome-driven enterprise architecture for business success.

Forrester’s 2023 Technology Strategy Impact Awards Winner And Finalists For APAC

Frederic Giron 3 days ago
Congratulations to the winner and three finalists for Forrester’s Technology Strategy Impact Awards for the APAC region.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: The Role Of Trust In Insurance Fraud

Ellen Carney 3 days ago
Fighting insurance fraud is only feasible with synergies among the people, process, and technology domains. Find out more in this preview of our upcoming Security & Risk event.

New Research: Will AI Kill The Low-Code Market? 

John Bratincevic 4 days ago
The short answer: no. Our bet: AI will quickly evolve the low-code toolset and make the market grow faster. The Impact Of TuringBots  TuringBots (AI and generative AI that assist in software development tasks) are a major trend, and tools like GitHub Copilot (a Coder TuringBot for pair programming in common languages such as Java […]

Nos prévisions pour 2023 étaient-elles correctes ?

Sharyn Leaver 20 Septembre 2023
Découvrez quelles prévisions Forrester se sont réalisées, et lesquelles ne se sont pas concrétisées en 2023.

Waren unsere Prognosen für 2023 zutreffend?

Sharyn Leaver 20 September 2023
Wir haben mutige Prognosen für 2023 gestellt. Sind sie wahr geworden? Entdecken Sie die Genauigkeit der Forrester Prognosen 2023, während wir uns auf die Prognosen 2024 vorbereiten.

Navigate The Seas Of Developer Experience

Andrew Cornwall 4 days ago
Savvy (business) captains know the four personas of developer experience. Do you? Find out in this blog.

“The Blob” Is Poisoning The Security Industry

Allie Mellen 4 days ago
The Blog in the security industry can prevent us from having the deep, real conversations about the actual issues practitioners are facing today. Find out how to avoid this.

High Levels Of Trust Elude US Financial Services Firms Again

Alyson Clarke 4 days ago
US financial services brands are struggling to earn high levels of customer trust. Forrester’s Financial Services Customer Trust Index (FS Trust Index) revealed that customer trust in US financial services firms in 2023 was relatively weak and largely unchanged from 2022. Only US banks managed a measurable improvement in average trust scores, and even that […]

Navigating The Waters Of Enterprise Software? Keep An Eye On The Agile Vendors

Liz Herbert 4 days ago
Learn why focused enterprise software vendors like Adobe and Salesforce maintain superior product quality over behemoths like IBM and SAP.

Is Your Data Ready For AI?

Learn the 8 phases of shifting to an AI-first data strategy.  


What We Learned From Our Interviews On Clinician Workforce Technologies

Shannon Germain 4 days ago
I am excited to announce new research on clinical workforce technologies. Our interviews with health systems revealed early on the need for a report that highlights the top tech categories and one that looks at tech implementation and clinician adoption. The interviews were so fruitful that we also developed a Clinician Workforce Technology Implementation Checklist. This […]

The Consumer Does Not Need To Be Part Of Every Business Decision

Audrey Chee-Read 5 days ago
As Forrester’s consumer behavior analyst, I’m going to say something controversial: The consumer does not need to be a part of every business decision. There’s no shortage of supply or demand for consumer insights. In fact, the pandemic supercharged market research capabilities to create more efficient and cost-effective platforms and tools to gather those insights. […]

AI And Generative AI For The Software Development Lifecycle

Diego Lo Giudice 5 days ago
Learn six key points that a TuringBot pilot program should address.
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