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Coming Soon: Forrester’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies For 2024

Brian Hopkins May 3, 2024
We've finalized our selections. (And, yes, the overwhelming wave of AI technologies influenced our selection process.) Find out what changed in our analysis this year and more on what to expect.

Rage Against The Machine: Confront The Agency AI Fear Factor With Workforce Literacy

Jay Pattisall 2 days ago
The failure to rise to the AI moment puts the future of the agency industry and a decade of agencies’ business change at risk. Learn what it takes to help employees gain the skills and confidence to master AI so that fear of AI doesn’t master them.

It’s Not The Payment Method That Matters, It’s The Experience

What It Means 3 days ago
As payment options have proliferated, they’ve become more than just a way to make a purchase. What should brands consider as they develop or add payment options to appeal to buyers? This week on What It Means, Principal Analyst Lily Varón shares insights and explains what’s ahead for digital payments.

See Our Picks For 2024’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Join us on July 10 for a LIVE webinar where we’ll unveil the top 10 emerging technologies for 2024. See what made our list — and watch a LIVE demo of our AI tool, Izola!


Apple’s New Intelligence Is Here

Dipanjan Chatterjee 5 days ago
Apple, famously reticent about AI, broke its silence at its 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and Forrester was there. Learn more about Apple Intelligence and find out what we gathered from the grand reveal.

Forrester’s AI Webinar Series: Navigate The Choppy And Exciting Waters Of Enterprise AI

Sudha Maheshwari June 7, 2024
AI is having — and will continue to have — a profound impact on how data scientists, software engineers, and other job functions perform their roles. Get tips on how to define, build, and implement your enterprise AI strategy with the help of Forrester's AI Advantage client webinar series.

Unleash The Power Of Tech: Technology & Innovation Summit North America

Matthew Guarini June 6, 2024
Technology and data leaders are at a pivotal moment, being pressed to chart a path that capitalizes on new and emerging technology to drive meaningful business results. Learn how Forrester’s annual Technology & Innovation Summit North America can help you get there.

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Outcome-Based Digital Experiences Drive Desired Outcomes For Both Consumers And Brands

Chuck Gahun 1 day ago
Learn how you can gain competitive advantage through outcome-based digital ecosystems.

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Automation And Testing Services, Q2 2024

Diego Lo Giudice 2 days ago
We evaluated 13 of the top continuous automation and testing services players.

Don’t Get Blinded By Shiny Tech Objects

Get our guide to building a business case for emerging technology investment, identifying use cases, and securing support — and learn how Forrester’s CaDI analysis framework can prevent you from going down the wrong path.


Vietnam: Navigating Business And Technology Priorities For 2024

Frederic Giron 2 days ago
Vietnam’s economic prospects are bright for 2024 and beyond. Get insights into Vietnam's business and technology investment priorities in this preview of a new report.

Key Takeaways From SAP Sapphire Orlando 2024

Akshara Naik Lopez 3 days ago
From generative AI to cloud to pricing announcements, the recent SAP Sapphire in Orlando was a busy event. Read this blog to get our key takeaways and perspectives on the big announcements from SAP.

The ERP World Is Busy With Acquisitions

Akshara Naik Lopez 3 days ago
SAP and IFS announce key acquisitions, furthering the breadth and depth of their software capabilities and adding customer value.

Redefining The Fate Of Virtual Care

Arielle Trzcinski 3 days ago
Last quarter delivered several shocks to the healthcare system, including a series of downturns for virtual care. Teladoc CEO Jason Gorevic exited amid missed financial projections and a plummeting stock price, Optum is shutting down its virtual care program, and Walmart Health is closing all 51 health centers across five states and shutting down its […]

The Dawn Of The Age Of Agents

Manuel Geitz 3 days ago
So are personal genAI agents really coming and how will they impact consumer behavior? Get updates and insights on the "Age of Agents" in this post.

Capture & Prove Marketing’s True Value Beyond Sourcing Metrics

Download our measurement toolkit to discover demand performance indicators and metrics to reveal marketing’s real business impact across complex buyer journeys.


Fortinet Acquires Lacework

Andras Cser 3 days ago
After a previous sale fell through, Fortinet has announced the acquisition of Lacework for an undisclosed amount, catching some customers by surprise. Get a detailed analysis of the deal including side-by-side product comparisons in this post.

Master The Art Of Decision-Making

Aldila Yunus 3 days ago
In a world where data is as abundant as clarity is elusive, mastering the discipline of decision-making is more important than ever. Many organizations and leaders fall short at decision-making, approaching it intuitively rather than analytically. For those in charge of an organization where success relies on their ability to optimize business decisions, a mystery […]

AI And Open Banking Payments Dominate Money20/20 Europe 2024

Oliwia Berdak 4 days ago
While Money20/20 Europe had a number of themes this year — including “A Customer Universe of One” and “The Business Of Money” — AI and open banking payments really stole the show. But while the AI discussion remained mostly high-level, a confluence of factors have made open banking payments closer to mainstream adoption and therefore red-hot.

Adoption Of Cisco’s Hypershield Will Depend On AI And Security Tooling Coexistence

Andras Cser 4 days ago
Cisco recently announced a new network and cloud security platform, called Hypershield. Find out what benefits it provides and why organizations should pay close attention to its development going forward.

Make People The Key To Your Success In An AI World

James L. McQuivey, PhD 4 days ago
Success with AI will depend on how effectively you lead your people who leverage powerful AI tools. Learn how to effectively find and train talent for AI in this preview of our upcoming Technology & Innovation Summits.

It’s Not A Mirage: We Need A Way Out Of The Medical Desert

Arielle Trzcinski 5 days ago
All healthcare ecosystem players must act swiftly and boldly to curb the rise of medical deserts before the healthcare system reaches a point where more preventable tragedies sweep the US.

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Incident Response Services, Q2 2024

Jess Burn 5 days ago
Choosing the right cybersecurity incident response services provider comes down to three things. Learn what they are and get a preview of our new Wave report in this blog.

Learning From Limes And Forrester’s Creative AdTech Landscape

Nikhil Lai 5 days ago
Last year, the world’s most-awarded creative was Skittles’ “Apologize the Rainbow” produced in collaboration with DDB Chicago. It profusely apologized for Skittles changing its green candy’s flavor from lime to apple and, to citrus lovers’ delight, announced lime’s return in a pantomime press conference live streamed on Twitch and X. The campaign relied on social […]

TIER: Tech Leaders Must Adapt To The Evolving US Developer Labor Market

Christopher Gilchrist 5 days ago
Despite the uncertain economic climate and continued layoffs, competition for skilled software developers will remain high. Get three key insights from our latest TIER report to help attract the best developers.

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2024, Is LIVE!

Joana de Quintanilha 5 days ago
In our 30-criterion evaluation of customer journey orchestration (CJO) providers, we identified the most significant ones and researched, analyzed, and scored them. The Forrester Wave™ evaluation highlights Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers. In alphabetical order, these are the vendors we included: Alterian, CSG, Engage Hub, Genesys, inQuba, Medallia, Qualtrics, Quantum Metric, and Roojoom. CJO […]

Fuel Growth With Strong Marketing-Sales Alignment

Download our alignment handbook to thrive in a complex buyer landscape with teams, processes, and objectives aligned across the customer lifecycle.


Five Standout Features Of Real-Time Revenue Execution Providers

Seth Marrs 5 days ago
Real-time revenue execution platform vendors have built important features that enable companies to improve revenue outcomes. After evaluating the top vendors in this category, five features stood out.

358: Generative AI And Search Product Discovery

The CX Cast 5 days ago
Search can make or break your digital experience, but how much do you really know about search vendors, the choices you can make, and how search really impacts customer loyalty? Forrester Principal Analyst Emily Pfeiffer joins us to share some insights into what CX leaders should know about commerce search.

Tech Spending In Asia Pacific: A Steady Rise To 6.4% Growth In 2024

Leslie Joseph 5 days ago
Tech spending in the Asia Pacific region is set to increase by 6.4% to reach reach US$710 billion in 2024. Over the next few years, software spending will continue its rapid growth, followed by spend on IT services, communications equipment, and computer equipment.
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