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Coming Soon: Forrester’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies For 2024

Brian Hopkins May 3, 2024
We've finalized our selections. (And, yes, the overwhelming wave of AI technologies influenced our selection process.) Find out what changed in our analysis this year and more on what to expect.

Navigating The Disruption Of Broadcom’s Acquisition Of VMware

What It Means 15 hours ago
The broad changes Broadcom made in the wake of the deal have technology executives reviewing their technology roadmaps closely. In this episode Principal Analyst Naveen Chhabra walks through the changes and discusses the choices available to VMWare customers.

CX Summit North America Day 2: Achieving Boundless Experiences Through Alignment

Rick Parrish 20 hours ago
While AI will help usher in a dynamic future for customer experiences, getting the human element right remains essential. Read some of the highlights from our second full day in Nashville.

See Our Picks For 2024’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Join us on July 10 for a LIVE webinar where we’ll unveil the top 10 emerging technologies for 2024. See what made our list — and watch a LIVE demo of our AI tool, Izola!


Introducing Forrester’s Interactive Wave Experience

Stephen Powers 2 days ago
Forrester has launched an updated experience for the Forrester Wave™. Read this blog to learn about the new upgrades that allow users to easily customize and compare vendors included in Wave evaluations.

Adapt Or Die: Banks Face An Extinction Event

Huard Smith 3 days ago
Legacy, monolithic banking systems are inflexible, siloed, and product-centric; closed, batch-based, unintelligent, and security-challenged. This puts them in existential danger.

Rage Against The Machine: Confront The Agency AI Fear Factor With Workforce Literacy

Jay Pattisall 6 days ago
The failure to rise to the AI moment puts the future of the agency industry and a decade of agencies’ business change at risk. Learn what it takes to help employees gain the skills and confidence to master AI so that fear of AI doesn’t master them.

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It’s Time For A Revenue Process Transformation

Amy Hawthorne 3 hours ago
Buyers are in control of the revenue process — and B2B marketing, sales, and customer success teams need to align their approaches with that reality. Discover the Forrester Opportunity Lifecycle and how it can drive durable, long-term revenue growth.

Automation Builders, Beware! Don’t Repeat The RPA Mistakes With Agentic Automation

Bernhard Schaffrik 5 hours ago
Generative AI (GenAI) is an enabler for more automation — and is now getting embedded in many software vendors’ platforms with different names and labels such as AI agents, AI-led micro-automations, and autonomous workplace assistants (AWAs). All of these are somewhat overlapping terms for agentic automation, which is starting to sprout as generative AI promises […]

Don’t Get Blinded By Shiny Tech Objects

Get our guide to building a business case for emerging technology investment, identifying use cases, and securing support — and learn how Forrester’s CaDI analysis framework can prevent you from going down the wrong path.


Oracle Exits The Advertising Business

Stephanie Liu 23 hours ago
Oracle announced last week that it is exiting the advertising business and sunsetting its adtech by September 30. While the announcement isn’t surprising given its massive layoffs in 2022 of teams supporting Oracle Advertising, the speed of Oracle Advertising’s demise is shocking. Oracle serves as a case study in how quickly and significantly the foundation […]

CX Summit North America Day 1: Exploring The Boundless Potential Of Humans + AI

Rick Parrish 2 days ago
On the first full day of CX Summit North America, we explored the magic and mayhem of AI in CX and its potential to fuel next-level experiences.

And So It Begins: Insights From Splunk’s First .conf With Cisco

Joseph Blankenship 2 days ago
Last week, Splunk held its annual user conference — .conf — in Las Vegas with over 4,000 customers, partners, and sponsors in attendance. While this was the 15th .conf, it was the first ever as a Cisco company. The tagline “The Splunk you love. Now even better.” was ubiquitous throughout the conference. Splunk enjoys one […]

Overall Canada Customer Experience Quality Drops To A Historic Low

Pete Jacques 2 days ago
Scores for Canadian companies are at their lowest point since Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) began. Read a few of the key findings from our Canada rankings report.

359: Systems Thinking For CX: Collaboration And Productivity

The CX Cast 2 days ago
Principles of systems thinking expand our view on how to transform experiences and support the employees that deliver those experiences. Forrester VP and Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder shares his research on productivity and collaboration and how his systems thinking approach reveals implications for the customer experience. 

Capture & Prove Marketing’s True Value Beyond Sourcing Metrics

Download our measurement toolkit to discover demand performance indicators and metrics to reveal marketing’s real business impact across complex buyer journeys.


Big Tech Will Not Solve Data Deprecation

Mo Allibhai 3 days ago
In our most recent report on identity and measurement offerings from Google (Privacy Sandbox) and Apple (Private Click Measurement), we stumbled upon an ugly truth about data deprecation: Big tech will not solve this problem, and marketers shouldn’t wait any longer to test and identify practical in-market solutions. As part of the research process, we […]

US Health Insurer CX Quality Plummets To A Five-Year Low

Judy Weader 3 days ago
There’s just no way to sugarcoat this: US health insurer Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) ratings for 2024 have landed with a resounding thud. This is the second time since 2021 that the industry average rating had a statistically significant decline — and it’s easy to see why: Ten brands scored their lowest ratings in […]

Customer Experience Quality In The US Falls To An All-Time Low

Pete Jacques 3 days ago
US consumers' perceptions of CX quality are now at their lowest point since the inception of the Forrester Customer Experience Index (CX Index™). Read a few of the key findings from our just-launched report.

Outcome-Based Digital Experiences Drive Desired Outcomes For Both Consumers And Brands

Chuck Gahun 6 days ago
Learn how you can gain competitive advantage through outcome-based digital ecosystems.

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Automation And Testing Services, Q2 2024

Diego Lo Giudice 6 days ago
We evaluated 13 of the top continuous automation and testing services players. Get three key takeaways in this preview of the new Wave report.

Vietnam: Navigating Business And Technology Priorities For 2024

Frederic Giron 7 days ago
Vietnam’s economic prospects are bright for 2024 and beyond. Get insights into Vietnam's business and technology investment priorities in this preview of a new report.

It’s Not The Payment Method That Matters, It’s The Experience

What It Means June 13, 2024
As payment options have proliferated, they’ve become more than just a way to make a purchase. What should brands consider as they develop or add payment options to appeal to buyers? This week on What It Means, Principal Analyst Lily Varón shares insights and explains what’s ahead for digital payments.

Key Takeaways From SAP Sapphire Orlando 2024

Akshara Naik Lopez June 12, 2024
From generative AI to cloud to pricing announcements, the recent SAP Sapphire in Orlando was a busy event. Read this blog to get our key takeaways and perspectives on the big announcements from SAP.

The ERP World Is Busy With Acquisitions

Akshara Naik Lopez June 12, 2024
SAP and IFS announce key acquisitions, furthering the breadth and depth of their software capabilities and adding customer value.

Redefining The Fate Of Virtual Care

Arielle Trzcinski June 12, 2024
Following shocks to virtual healthcare, providers, payers, and partners will have to revitalize this important modality of care. Learn how in this blog post.

Fuel Growth With Strong Marketing-Sales Alignment

Download our alignment handbook to thrive in a complex buyer landscape with teams, processes, and objectives aligned across the customer lifecycle.


The Dawn Of The Age Of Agents

Manuel Geitz June 12, 2024
So are personal genAI agents really coming and how will they impact consumer behavior? Get updates and insights on the "Age of Agents" in this post.

Fortinet Acquires Lacework

Andras Cser June 12, 2024
After a previous sale fell through, Fortinet has announced the acquisition of Lacework for an undisclosed amount, catching some customers by surprise. Get a detailed analysis of the deal including side-by-side product comparisons in this post.

Master The Art Of Decision-Making

Aldila Yunus June 12, 2024
In a world where data is as abundant as clarity is elusive, mastering the discipline of decision-making is more important than ever. Many organizations and leaders fall short at decision-making, approaching it intuitively rather than analytically. For those in charge of an organization where success relies on their ability to optimize business decisions, a mystery […]
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