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B2B Summit North America 2024: Your Ticket To Turning Disruption Into Growth

Srividya Sridharan January 23, 2024
Explore the strategies and tools needed to drive customer-obsessed growth at our premier event for B2B marketing, sales, and product teams.

CMOs: Advancing From GenAI Pilots To Proficiency Doesn’t Come Easy

Jay Pattisall 2 days ago
As the initial awe surrounding generative AI (genAI) fades, marketers must navigate a more pragmatic phase of genAI adoption. The first step is to understand adoption roadblocks and how to avoid them.

Your Predictions Questions Answered: Leveraging GenAI Successfully

Laura Ramos 3 days ago
During Forrester’s Predictions 2024 webinar, we received a lot of great questions about how generative AI might affect customer-facing functions such as marketing, customer experience, and sales. Check out our answers.

Avoid Zombie AI Projects With Our Best Practices

Download our AI myths and best practices guide. Learn how to avoid missteps, prioritize value, and move AI projects out of limbo with quick wins.


What Motivates B2B Customers To Become Advocates?

What It Means 4 days ago
Customer advocacy initiatives often leave a key question unanswered: How do customers benefit? On this episode of What It Means, VPs and Principal Analysts Laura Ramos and Amy Bills explain how B2B companies can get more value from customer advocacy by understanding what motivates customers to participate.

GenAI For Tech Leaders: Q&A

Rowan Curran 4 days ago
Recently, I had the honor of presenting Forrester’s predictions for 2024 to over a thousand tech and business leaders. There were, unsurprisingly, a ton of questions about generative AI. I’d like to answer some of the more technical questions that we received.

Generative AI Consumer Outlook, Q1 2024: Which Consumers Will Pay To Use GenAI?

Audrey Chee-Read 4 days ago
Recent survey findings shed light on who is most likely to pay and which features they're more likely to pay for.

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AT&T Outage Shines A Spotlight On Network Dependability

Octavio Garcia Granados 2 days ago
On February 22, a massive service interruption in AT&T cellular services affected subscribers across the nation. Although outage-report volumes were in the hundreds of thousands, that is likely just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath is a massive number of subscribers who experienced issues but didn’t or couldn’t report them, as well as affected […]

Gemini For Google Workspace Plays The Long Game

J.P. Gownder 2 days ago
On February 21, Google announced its new generative AI solution for productivity, Gemini for Google Workspace. Previously launched for enterprises as Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise, Gemini for Google Workspace Enterprise keeps the same pricing, at $30/user/month for unlimited usage. Google added a cheaper SKU, too — Gemini for Google Workspace Business, at $20/user/month for […]

Separate Generative AI Fact From Fiction

Want to realize the true potential of generative AI? Discover what it can (and can't) do for you. Explore our generative AI insights to guide your journey and your choices.


What’s Hot (And What’s Not): The Top Retail Commerce Initiatives For 2024

Brendan Witcher 2 days ago
We share some of the top retail commerce initiatives that retail business pros will invest in for 2024.

Prescription For Change: Cybersecurity Outage Highlights Critical Vulnerabilities In Healthcare

Jeff Pollard 2 days ago
On February 21, 2024, Change Healthcare, one of the major pharmacy claims processors in the United States, detected a cybersecurity incident and took its systems offline, causing disruptions to pharmacies and medical providers across the country. UnitedHealth Group, its owner, immediately acknowledged this incident in an 8-K filing to the SEC on Feb. 21. The […]

Your New Data Center Services, Infrastructure Outsourcing, And Semiconductor Analyst

Alvin Nguyen 2 days ago
I am happy to announce that my coverage area now includes data center services, infrastructure outsourcing, and semiconductors. This is in addition to my existing coverage of technical debt and enterprise architecture. In terms of my interests in these areas: Now that organizations understand what use cases work best in the public cloud, I am […]

California’s Privacy Law Puts Second-Party Data On Notice

Stephanie Liu 2 days ago
The California attorney general’s office reached a settlement with DoorDash after the food delivery company sold customer data without proper notice or opt-out controls. It got slapped with a measly $375,000 fine (for context, DoorDash’s stock price is $120 and change), but don’t brush this off as a one-and-done. A closer look at the settlement […]

Slouching Towards Ubiquity: Five Notable Fintech Companies

Peter Wannemacher 2 days ago
Fintech is slouching towards ubiquity (see image below). As it does, fintech will evolve into a broadly held mindset in contrast to being defined as a type of company, a specific set of startups, a category of product types, or a series of new business models. Fintech as a mindset will exist at a wide […]

60% Of Skeptics Will Use (And Love!) GenAI

Surprised? Download Forrester’s 2024 Predictions guide to see why progress will be driven by exploration — and 14 other global predictions on AI, privacy, B2B buyers, hybrid work, and more.


What Forrester’s 2024 AI Predictions Mean For Technology Executives

Ted Schadler 2 days ago
Thanks to generative AI (genAI), the era of AI computing is upon us. Backed by decades of development and fueled by billions of dollars in language models, AI infrastructure, and AI-powered applications, technology is taking a massive leap forward. The technology and language models you need to bring real advances in productivity, experience, and revenue […]

50/50: Gratuity Has Reached A Tipping Point

Dipanjan Chatterjee 3 days ago
Tipping fatigue is growing as automatic prompts on digital points of sale proliferate. Find out the consumer sentiment on this hot topic.

What Should Performance Marketers Actually Do?

Nikhil Lai 3 days ago
I’m often asked about the technologies and processes entailed in planning, buying, and optimizing media. Much is written about that, including Forrester’s research on using technology to develop more compelling creative and how to improve TV advertising’s planning, buying, and measurement processes. I’m rarely asked, however, about the people that improve media’s results. The human […]

High-Performance IT: Finding The Right Tech For Your IT Style

Liz Herbert 3 days ago
When it comes to adopting the right technology for your organization, one size does not fit all. Learn how high-performance IT can help your organization match the right next tech to your IT style.

Build A Human-Centered Productivity Strategy

J.P. Gownder 3 days ago
Too many leaders are distracted by outdated and incorrect conceptions of how to drive productivity. Learn the value of a human-centered productivity strategy in this preview of our new report.

Align Your Tech Architecture To Business Outcomes

Learn how Forrester’s Outcome-Driven Architecture Model can align your EA strategy to business outcomes.


Sustainability Reporting Standards And Frameworks And Regulations, Oh My!

Alla Valente 4 days ago
Finding the right sustainability reporting frameworks and standards can be a daunting task. Get some insights in this preview of our new report.

Stormy Seas Ahead: Top Trends On The Horizon For Healthcare In 2024

Arielle Trzcinski 4 days ago
Healthcare organizations (HCOs) are navigating turbulent waters as they confront long-standing industry challenges and broad economic currents. Learn how how HCOs can weather the storm and overcome these challenges.

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management Systems, Q1 2024

Chuck Gahun 4 days ago
Check out this preview of The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management Systems, Q1 2024, which reveals the DAM vendors that are pushing the boundaries of intelligent and strategic creativity.

The Forrester Wave™: Learning Management Systems And Experience Platforms, Q1 2024 — Three Things I Learned

Katy Tynan 4 days ago
Find out how learning management systems (LMS) and LXP providers are responding to skills-based talent models, talent shortages, and generative AI in this preview of our Forrester Wave™: Learning Management Systems And Experience Platforms, Q1 2024.

Putting The New Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative Priorities Into Action

Brian Wrozek 5 days ago
The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently announced the 2024 cybersecurity priorities for the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC). Get a preview of them in this blog.

Fuel Growth With Strong Marketing-Sales Alignment

Download our alignment handbook to thrive in a complex buyer landscape with teams, processes, and objectives aligned across the customer lifecycle.


Can Your Managers Also Be Good Coaches?

Betsy Summers 5 days ago
Though coaching is linked to high employee engagement and performance, there are nuances that are important for managers to understand. Learn about the coaching skills that can deliver the best outcomes.

Presenting The First Forrester Multicloud Container Platform Landscape For Asia Pacific

Charlie Dai 5 days ago
The cloud-native ecosystem, powered by the distributed Kubernetes backbone, is transforming everything in the cloud. Get a preview of Forrester's First Multicloud Container Platform Landscape For Asia Pacific here.

Tech Stack Optimization Is Now A Strategic Priority

Linda Ivy-Rosser 5 days ago
Learn how Forrester’s outcome-based technology optimization model creates an approach that offers advantages to delivering business aligned value and enabling growth.
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