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Start With Customer Insights To Determine Your Highest-Fit Opportunities

Nora Conklin March 14, 2023


Revealing The Finalists For Forrester’s Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award — APAC

Dane Anderson 1 day ago
We’re excited to announce the finalists for the inaugural Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award for APAC. Each finalist impressed us with their clear CX visions, sophisticated measurement architectures, and ability to align their organisations.

Why CSR Must Be More Than Purpose Beyond Profit

What It Means 3 days ago
B2B leaders are getting serious about corporate social responsibility (CSR). But until they see it as central and not peripheral to the business, its impact will be limited, says VP and Principal Analyst Ian Bruce. On this week’s Forrester podcast, he explores the role that CSR now occupies in B2B companies and how leaders can implement meaningful CSR programs. 

The Edge Of The Age Of AI

James L. McQuivey, PhD 3 days ago
Old AI is to generative AI as Yahoo! is to Google. And it's poised to change every job, dramatically altering the future of work.

Advance Digital Marketing Capabilities And Competencies To Achieve New Outcomes

Rani Salehi 4 days ago
Learn how to communicate the capabilities and competencies needed to deliver compelling digital customer experiences and advance your business strategy.

How B2B Marketing Leaders Can Deftly Navigate Uncertainty

What It Means March 23, 2023
How can B2B marketing leaders chart a steady course for growth in a fickle economy? By taking cues from companies that have achieved strong revenue growth, says VP and Principal Analyst Barbie Mattie. On this week’s What It Means, she provides data-backed recommendations for actions to take.

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Customer Obsession Pays Dividends

Martin Gill 1 day ago
Customer obsession starts with deeply understanding your customers’ needs and flows through to aligning your business operations to serve them profitably.

What I’m Looking For At RSA Conference 2023

Heidi Shey 2 days ago
The countdown begins! I’ve confirmed the last 1:1 meeting spot on my calendar. The Forrester team is preparing for a panel discussion and topic tables at our client meet-and-greet event. I’m glad that track sessions and keynotes will also be available on demand. I aim to attend a few in person, but I know I’ll […]

Inclusive Insurance Is A Massive Business Opportunity — If You Do It Right

Indranil Bandyopadhyay 2 days ago
Insurers must focus on the ‘S’ of ESG to grow the market — and their revenue. Here’s how insurers can overcome top challenges and achieve scale.

CPQ: Empowering Buyers To Buy With Omnichannel Sales

Robert Muñoz 2 days ago
Learn how your organization can leverage CPQ solutions to win, retain, and grow customers, This blog will highlight trends uncovered during research for The Configure, Price, Quote Solutions Landscape, Q1 2023.

Brand Energy 2023: Here Are The Brands That Are Salient, Relevant, And Loved

Dipanjan Chatterjee 2 days ago
BRAND ENERGY REBOOT In 2017, we introduced a seminal approach to understanding a brand’s performance: Forrester’s Brand Energy Framework. Based on a survey of 4,436 US online adults, we combined iterative data-mining techniques and structured equation modeling to test millions (yes, millions!) of models that mapped perception of brand strength to business outcomes. This year, […]

Concentrix Acquiring Webhelp: Setting The Stage For A Two-Horse Race In Contact Center Outsourcing

Christina McAllister 2 days ago
Yesterday, Concentrix announced that it is entering into negotiations to acquire Webhelp for $4.8 billion, with the transaction expected to close by end of year. This is, of course, quite the acquisition! Webhelp is a well-established player in the contact center outsourcing space (especially in EMEA) and will provide Concentrix with the global coverage they’ve […]

Generative AI Is Coming To Coaching, Ready Or Not

Betsy Summers 4 days ago
Five years ago, my colleagues and I discussed the merits and possibilities of digital and AI-based coaching. I had just completed an intensive coaching course and was fired up about how transformative it would be if all employees could have access to a coach, and AI-based coaching had the promise to do that — because, […]

Web Push Comes To iOS, But Web Apps Are Still Second-Class

Andrew Cornwall 4 days ago
On March 27, Apple announced the features that will be in the GA of Safari 16.4, after two beta releases. This is a significant release bringing a number of changes. In particular, Apple has increased its investment in Safari, presumably to address concerns about fair competition. Apple Hinted At Push Last Year Apple had released […]

The Banking Crisis Will Send New Ripples Through Tech Budgets

Michael O'Grady 4 days ago
The banking crisis will send ripples through the tech industry and budgets, which have already been weakened by layoffs in the first quarter of 2023.

A Greener Future For Infrastructure Automation

Naveen Chhabra 4 days ago
Imagine spending most of your time during the peak of a New England winter researching for a Forrester Wave™ evaluation on a topic (infrastructure automation) that is hotter than ever. Is it a coincidence, or did we time it precisely to publish the report at the onset of spring? I think the latter. 😊 The […]

Generative AI Goes Mainstream In Security With Microsoft Security Copilot

Allie Mellen 4 days ago
Typically, security is late to the game with technology innovation. Before we get to see innovative technology, we have to wait for it to matter to security. This time, however, is different. In January, we predicted how the announcement of ChatGPT could change cybersecurity, and today, our predictions were validated again with the announcement of […]

Finalists Announced For The Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award — EMEA

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian 4 days ago
The hard work of customer obsession deserves recognition. Discover the finalists for the inaugural Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award — EMEA.

TIER: How The Labor Market’s “Double Disruption” Impacts Your Talent Strategy

Christopher Gilchrist 5 days ago
The labor market has been "doubly disrupted": find out how your organization can prepare for this structural change.

Prioritize Digital Initiatives With Forrester’s New Tool

Peter Wannemacher 5 days ago
Digital strategy is a continual process of developing and refining a company’s approach to a fast-shifting landscape, one that requires decisions about what to do and what to avoid. As noted corporate strategy expert Roger L. Martin put it, “Strategy is what you choose to do and not do in service of a particular goal.” […]

The US Government Is Here And Really Wants To Help Protect You From Ransomware

Brian Wrozek 5 days ago
Ransomware Vulnerability Warnings Are Coming To A Critical Infrastructure Near You The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) launched the Ransomware Vulnerability Warning Pilot (RVWP) in January 2023 in response to ongoing concerns about the threat of ransomware. This is the CISA’s ransomware-centric take on external attack surface management for critical infrastructure. The RVWP pilot […]

AI Reshapes The 2023 Forrester Wave™ Evaluation For CCaaS

Max Ball 5 days ago
In the prior Forrester Wave™ evaluation on contact-center-as-a-service (CCaaS) providers in August of 2020, AI was mentioned offhand a few times. It was not, however, a factor in the Wave scoring at all. A few years changed everything. AI has taken center stage in this year’s Wave, providing new capabilities across many aspects of a CCaaS vendor’s offerings.

Selecting An Open Banking Intermediary — Our Latest Forrester Wave™ Evaluation

Jacob Morgan 5 days ago
Read on for a look at Forrester’s evaluation of the 13 most significant open banking intermediaries: The Forrester Wave™: Open Banking Intermediaries, Q1 2023.

Is Your Data Ready For AI?

Learn the 8 phases of shifting to an AI-first data strategy.  


Meet The New EMEA Security And Risk Analyst

Madelein van der Hout 6 days ago
Tell Us About Yourself! After finishing my master’s degree in commercial sciences, I started in the graduate program of the biggest Dutch telecommunication provider of the Netherlands. I have worked in several roles, from the wholesale department to innovation, new business, transformation, and cybersecurity, mostly as a strategic advisor for executive leadership positions. When I […]

Tightening Budgets? Ensure That Your Business Case Stands Out

Stephanie Slate March 24, 2023
Learn how to cut through the noise and build compelling business cases using Forrester's proven Total Economic Impact™ methodology — the same methodology we use to help our clients demonstrate a consistent, proven, and repeatable way to justify technology investments.

The Six Steps To Understanding IT Customers And Stakeholders

Gordon Barnett March 24, 2023
To help you reach a future fit IT organization, Forrester has identified the six key steps to understanding IT operating model customers and stakeholders — if you do this, you can put them at the center of design, build, deliver, and serve.
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