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Biden’s Executive Order On AI Is Broad In Scope And Laser-Focused On Spurring Innovation Without Undue Risk

Alla Valente November 1, 2023
The new executive order calls for a “societywide effort” from government, the private sector, academia, and civil society to address eight AI priorities.

Orbiting Back On A Year Of Generative AI As We Slingshot Ourselves Into The Future

Rowan Curran 6 hours ago
A year after the release of ChatGPT, we take a look back at where it all started, where things stand today, and where we can expect generative AI to go in 2024 and beyond.

Email Marketers: Empathize With Customers To Stay Off Their Naughty Lists

Shar VanBoskirk 2 days ago
Use our tips to help your email programs perform better and strengthen long-term customer loyalty this holiday season.

Separate Generative AI Fact From Fiction

Want to realize the true potential of generative AI? Discover what it can (and can't) do for you. Explore our generative AI insights to guide your journey and your choices.


OpenAI Has Five Possible Paths To Monetization

J.P. Gownder 2 days ago
For OpenAI to further scale its grand ambitions, it will need to evaluate five routes to monetization. We rank them from most to least likely.

Tech Leaders: Drive Toward Successful Business Outcomes In 2024

Matthew Guarini 2 days ago
Discover the three distinct ways that leading CIOs are driving their firm’s growth agenda (and how they’re using generative AI).

Welcome To The Chip Wars, Microsoft

Glenn O'Donnell November 17, 2023
The move erodes lucrative business for the current main players. We break down what it means for tech buyers.

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T&I APAC Wrap-Up: The Good Stuff You Missed From The ForrWomen Session

Janet Worthington 6 hours ago
Women account for 35% of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce, according to the National Science Foundation, and even worse, only 24% of security professionals worldwide are women. And yet companies where women hold 20% or greater of management roles generated 2.04% higher cash-flow ROI than those with 15% or less, based on […]

This Holiday Season, Give Your Customers The Personalized Experiences That They Deserve

Jessica Liu 10 hours ago
Learn how to enhance your company’s personalization efforts over the holidays — and well into next year.

60% Of Skeptics Will Use (And Love!) GenAI

Surprised? Download Forrester’s 2024 Predictions guide to see why progress will be driven by exploration — and 14 other global predictions on AI, privacy, B2B buyers, hybrid work, and more.


At GitHub Universe, Copilot Takes Center Stage, But Questions About The Platform Persist

Christopher Condo 10 hours ago
The big attraction at the GitHub Universe event was GitHub Copilot, the AI assistant based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 technology. Find out more in this review of the event.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How Tech Marketers Leverage Business Cases

Sarah Lervold 10 hours ago
It can be hard to determine which product will best serve companies. Learn why investing in a business case can help your company stand out.

RevOps Strategies Are Missing An Operating Model

Anthony McPartlin 11 hours ago
Across B2B, organizations are often overreliant on org design to drive change. Revenue operations (RevOps) implementation discussions are filled with questions of centralization, decentralization, or centers of excellence. But structures are just one lever of change. Structure tells you nothing about which customers or stakeholders to support and prioritize, the offerings that you should provide, […]

How GenAI Is Impacting The Social Tech Landscape

Kelsey Chickering 1 day ago
Generative AI’s emergence triggered a landslide of interest and experimentation across sectors, including social media and content. Forrester’s Global AI Software Forecast, 2023 To 2030 supports this, as content marketing is the third-largest category for specialized genAI software spend. The rapid evolution of generative AI technology within the social tech landscape has sparked a race […]

In 2024, B2C CMOs Want The Most Help With These Five Areas

Mike Proulx 1 day ago
As champions of the customer, CMOs are pulled in all sorts of directions. Knowing that they can’t go it alone, we asked what areas they foresee needing the most external help with in 2024. We provided a list of 30 items in Forrester’s Q4 2023 B2C Marketing CMO Pulse Survey, from which 171 US marketing […]

Is Your Technology Architecture A Growth Driver — Or Roadblock?

Download our e-book to learn strategies for aligning EA, AppDev, and infrastructure operations to power business growth.


Get A Head Start On The “Easier Said Than Done” Elements In The 2023–2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy

Jinan Budge 1 day ago
On Wednesday, 22 November 2023, Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security, the Hon. Clare O’Neil MP, announced the 2023–2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy, a strategy to which Forrester contributed in April 2023 via a submission to the discussion paper. The Australian government’s stated vision is “By 2030, Australia will be a world leader in cyber […]

Three Mistakes That Demand And ABM Marketers Make In B2B Expansion

Nora Conklin 1 day ago
Expansion is gaining focus across the board at B2B organizations. While large enterprises have long been focused on expanding their influence and share of wallet with top customers, more small and midsize businesses are now emphasizing cross-sell and upsell targets in their revenue goals. This is for good reason. It’s more cost-effective to mine existing […]

EDR Is Officially Out, And XDR Still Won’t Solve Your SIEM Problems

Allie Mellen 1 day ago
Forrester predicted that endpoint detection and response (EDR) as we know it would be replaced by extended detection and response (XDR). That day has finally come. Learn the implications of that shift in this blog post.

How Poor UX Affected My Choice of Insurance Provider

Senem Guler Biyikli 2 days ago
Learn how poor UX directly affected this analyst’s choice of insurance provider — and how to avoid the same mistakes.

The State Of B2B Marketing Measurement In 2023: Five Key Observations

Ross Graber 2 days ago
What exactly is the current state of B2B marketing measurement, what do B2B marketing leaders need to look out for, and what can be improved? Here are five key measurement observations from Forrester’s Marketing Survey, 2023.

Fuel Growth With Strong Marketing-Sales Alignment

Download our alignment handbook to thrive in a complex buyer landscape with teams, processes, and objectives aligned across the customer lifecycle.


Three Last-Minute Tips To Make Retail Customer Service Merry And Bright

Christina McAllister 3 days ago
During the holiday retail crunch and last-minute scramble, read Forrester’s tips to ensure a merry customer service retail season.

Have You Developed Your Journey-Centric Transformation Roadmap?

Joana de Quintanilha 6 days ago
Use Forrester’s Assessment To Develop Your Journey-Centric Transformation Roadmap Journey centricity requires a change in operating model, moving six operational levers in concert, through three phases of transformation: activate, connect, and extend. It requires a clear plan to guide progress across levers, journey teams, and geographies. CX leaders must steer their firms to: Transform through […]

Optimize Digital Budgets, Service Providers, And Skills — Or Lose The Digital Race

Dan Bieler 7 days ago
Forrester surveyed digital business strategy decision-makers globally on their priorities, investments, and organizational structures.

Evolving B2B Marketing Mindsets

Craig Moore November 22, 2023
Marketing has become a strategic function in driving revenue growth for B2B companies, but to continue improving, marketing leaders must challenge long-held beliefs and retool their mindsets to embrace the evolving customer lifecycle and complex buying journeys. Let’s explore the ingrained mindsets that B2B marketing leaders must abandon to evolve and thrive. The mythical B2B […]

NVIDIA Faces An Army Of Opponents That Might Include You

Glenn O'Donnell November 22, 2023
Find out what's driving NVIDIA's phenomenal success and get an insightful look at who their next competitors may be.

See Outcome-Driven EA Practice Benefits In Action

Watch our exclusive webinar and unlock the secrets to high-performing, outcome-driven enterprise architecture with real-world models and examples you can implement today.


Prévisions 2024 : le secteur public mondial s’attaque à des changements politiques et technologiques profonds

Sam Higgins 22 Novembre 2023
La gestion des défis imminents à l'intérieur du pays et à l'étranger nécessitera une action audacieuse et continue de la part des dirigeants gouvernementaux.

VMware Customers: Brace For Impact

Tracy Woo November 22, 2023
With the VMware-Broadcom deal set for closing, what should you know? Learn five key things VMware customers can expect in the coming years.

‘Tis The Season To Master Retail Media

Nikhil Lai November 22, 2023
Retail media’s challenges signal growing pains unlike those of other channels. Read more on Forrester’s insights for this holiday season.
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