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Revenue Operations: Driving Better Customer Experiences And Growth

Cristina De Martini 6 days ago
In constantly changing and highly complex B2B markets, organizational growth hinges on the ability to uncover value for customers. Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations is designed to help organizations strengthen alignment across the revenue ecosystem to maximize customer value and company performance.

The CIO’s Role In The Growth Agenda

What It Means 3 days ago
As business becomes more technology-driven, the role of technology leaders is changing, as well. In this episode, VP, Senior Research Director Fred Giron and VP, Principal Analyst Ted Schadler discuss new research defining the CIO’s role in powering growth.

Introducing Forrester’s Revenue Growth Framework

Dipanjan Chatterjee 5 days ago
Boost bottom-line profitability with a structured and strategic approach to top-line revenue growth by activating five marketing levers.

CX North America — Bold Focus

Drive success with CX and digital in 2023. Discover what to prioritize, where to invest, and what's on the cutting edge.


A New Playbook For B2B Sales To Drive Scalable, Sustainable Growth

Mike Pregler 6 days ago
Sales and revenue leaders need to transition to a systematic approach to growth that prioritizes processes and investments in infrastructure, technology, and insights. Our Forrester Decisions for B2B Sales service is designed to facilitate that transition.

Revenue Operations: Driving Better Customer Experiences And Growth

Cristina De Martini 6 days ago
In constantly changing and highly complex B2B markets, organizational growth hinges on the ability to uncover value for customers. Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations is designed to help organizations strengthen alignment across the revenue ecosystem to maximize customer value and company performance.

How Creative Commerce Fuels Loyalty Across The Customer Lifecycle

What It Means June 1, 2023
From streaming services to ice cream, creative commerce is revolutionizing commerce by integrating all phases of the buying cycle. Learn how on this week’s What It Means with VP, Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall and Principal Analyst Kelsey Chickering.

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How To Raise Your B2B Marketing Game With Revenue Process Optimization

Join us for a live webinar to learn how and why revenue process efficiency and productivity are crucial to reaching your B2B marketing goals.

Zero Trust Finally Moves From Concept To Reality For Asia Pacific Firms

Jinan Budge 2 days ago
Forrester started covering Zero Trust (ZT) adoption in APAC in early 2020, when Zero Trust was largely touted as a buzzword in our region. At the time, this inaugural APAC-specific ZT research showed that, while ZT was already mainstream in the US and Europe, it was slowly but surely gaining adoption in APAC. Fast-forward two […]

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Functions-As-A-Service Platforms, Q2 2023

Devin Dickerson 2 days ago
The functions-as-a-service (FaaS) market is developing rapidly as vendors elevate their offerings to meet enterprise needs. Driving demand is a shift from the cloud-born startup development shop to the large-scale enterprise, where FaaS platforms are helping developers rapidly deploy new capabilities into production without wrangling with Kubernetes clusters or building out application servers. To help […]

Use IoT Heat Maps To Identify Opportunities For Operational Excellence

Michele Pelino 8 Juni 2023
Every day, I speak with enterprises using or aspiring to use the internet of things (IoT). Much of what they want to know are the primary use cases where it can serve them. For this reason, I lean on a combination of quantitative and qualitative insights to build out a use-case heat map by industry. […]

Government Leaders: Generative AI Is Your Use Case For Culture Change

Angelina Gennis 2 days ago
Everyone wants a digital culture — and everyone has excuses for slow culture change. To be fair, government agencies face particular hurdles to adopt norms of digital culture such as experimentation and adaptability. That’s because it’s difficult to experiment or adapt in cultures where risk aversion and compliance exist by design. But I’ll stop short […]

Always Be Acquiring: Remove Acquisition Blockers For Brand Growth

Eric Epstein 2 days ago
In my marketing career, I don’t recall a time where my goal was anything other than to drive (or at least meaningfully contribute to) brand and company growth. If a brand was growing — grow more! If it was declining — turn it around! Despite any macro headwinds or resource constraints, the objective was always […]

Autism Inclusion: A Stepping Stone Toward Universal Inclusion

David Mooter 2 days ago
Despite economic uncertainty, the job market remains tight. This is especially true for tech workers. Yet there is an undertapped labor resource to help address this problem. Although people with autistic traits are more likely to pursue STEM degrees, they are disproportionately overqualified for the roles they are in. Forrester found recruiting and management practices […]

The Future Of Revenue Operations

If you’re a B2B marketing leader in a high tech organization, attend our June 28 webinar to hear how organizations are evolving strategic marketing operations, sales operations, and revenue operations functions to deliver on customer value and commercial impact.

CISO Influence Gone Awry: When Buy-In Goes Wrong

David Levine 3 days ago
When Buy-In Goes Wrong — Perspectives From A Former CISO/CSO In my last blog, I talked about how “it takes a village” from the perspective of the job being bigger than any one person and the many benefits of being involved in the CISO community to leverage the collective power of a broad support base. […]

Grasp The Opportunities That Gen Z Offers To Transform Your Organization

Dan Bieler 3 days ago
Gen Z employees, those workers born between 1997 and 2012, are entering your organization and will account for 27% of the workforce by 2025. To counter the myths and misconceptions about Gen Z, we surveyed thousands of Gen Zers in multiple countries. The results of this research are summarized in the report, Ready Or Not, […]

The Customer Is “Neo,” Not You

Maxie Schmidt 3 days ago
You need to deliver value to customers. Right? Wrong! Believing that your firm “delivers” value makes you the Hero. This is just like Neo in “The Matrix,” which tells a classic hero story of Thomas “Neo” Anderson, who is on a quest to free humanity from the Matrix. Trinity is his co-star. Morpheus, Agent Smith, […]

Toward A Greener Marketing Ecosystem

Thomas Husson 3 days ago
Over the past 10 years, marketers, agencies, publishers, and adtech vendors have had to deal with complex collective challenges around consumer privacy, misinformation, viewability, fraud, and diversity and inclusion. Over the next 10 years, the $600 billion advertising industry will have to play its part in fighting climate change. A February 2023 IAB Europe report […]

Technology’s Role In The Growth Agenda

Attend our June 21 webinar to learn how to turn your tech organization into an engine of business growth and innovation with an adaptive, resilient future fit tech strategy. 

Revenue Operations Is The Key To Winning Today’s B2B Adventure Race

Seth Marrs 4 days ago
Data, insights, and technology have become a superpower for aligning sales and marketing organizations. The relay race has shifted to an adventure race, supported by a fully integrated revenue lifecycle toolset.

WWDC 2023 — What It Means For Developers

Andrew Cornwall 4 days ago
As has been the trend in recent years, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2023) keynote has kept its focus centered on consumers — read about that here. Announcements for enterprises were thin — watchOS 10 gets mobile device management support, Safari gets passkeys and profiles to keep work and home tabs separate … and […]

Apple’s Vision Pro Is A New Spatial Computing Device — Not A Headset

Julie Ask 4 days ago
Apple has unveiled its highly anticipated next-generation spatial computing device, Apple Vision Pro. The device will retail at $3,499 and be available in early 2024. It is an augmented reality (AR) experience, with graduated immersive experiences that come very close to virtual reality (VR) at times. I had the chance to try the headset for […]

There Is No Single “Personalization Technology” Category

Jessica Liu 4 days ago
Tackling consumer personalization requires strategy, data, and technology (see figure). When it comes to the third pillar, technology, consumer personalization capabilities are baked into many different technology categories across the business technology ecosystem. Companies must strive to harmonize multiple tools to deliver personalized moments that can occur anywhere in the customer lifecycle. Instead of focusing […]

Navigating The Digital Whirlwind: The Asia Pacific Tech Market Is Poised For 5.8% Growth Amid Economic Flux

Leslie Joseph 5 days ago
The tide of COVID-19 has finally receded. As Asia’s economies repopulate the global economic shoreline, they find the beach littered with new opportunities and new threats. Not even half a year in, 2023 already feels like a pivotal year between two eras of digitization. As 2023 progresses, the Asia Pacific technology market is a cauldron […]

VRM And SOC Teams Can Benefit From Each Other

Erik Nost 5 days ago
We’re excited to announce our latest research on vulnerability risk management (VRM) and security operations center (SOC) teams. VRM and SOC teams are pivotal parts of the security organization, with different responsibilities but shared challenges. When Allie and I kicked off our research on interlocks between these teams earlier this year, we weren’t sure what […]

What Makes A Future Fit People Strategy?

Fiona Mark 5 days ago
Over the past few weeks, my colleagues have described how platforms, practices, and partners drive a future fit technology strategy that enables growth, scale, and innovation. But one thing underpins the entire strategy: people.
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