The Analyst Relations Council

Navigating the relationship between your organization and industry analysts is hard to do alone. Fresh perspectives and practical advice from voices outside your company are key to analyst relations (AR) leadership success. Peer insights are critical to help you learn about the changing analyst landscape and see the latest approaches to designing AR programs that ultimately lead to demonstrable AR value.

Forrester’s AR Council brings together an exclusive, global community of AR leaders on an ongoing basis to discuss timely, peer-driven topics of common interest and collaborate, share best practices, and gain access to exclusive insights that help you validate ideas and accelerate business results.

Expand the impact of analyst relations with the help of a curated community

Learn From Peers

Engage with a professional analyst relations community, made up of people who have similar roles, objectives, and challenges.

Apply Expert Advice

Work closely with your advisor and receive curated advice from experts to make progress on your top initiatives.

Improve Your Outcomes

Guide your strategy with exclusive peer-based insights available only to members.

What's Included

Membership in the AR Council includes access to the Forrester Market Insights service, a part of Forrester Decisions. With a 17-year history and 300 active members worldwide, the AR Council offers members the collective expertise of an engaged community through:

  • A dedicated advisor who will connect you to a global peer network that exchanges ideas, collaborates on strategy, validates ideas, and sparks inspiration.
  • Face-to-face and virtual member meetings to bring research and peer-based learnings to life.
  • Exclusive research insights drawn directly from the community and for the community, such as surveys, compensation studies, and member spotlights, to inform your next steps.
  • An always-on online platform featuring a knowledge library and a discussion board to connect asynchronously with peers.
  • An AR job board to stay up to date on the health and direction of the job market.
  • The voice of your buyers via Inquiry Advantage, a searchable database of the questions asked of our analysts to help you better understand your market.

Addressing Your Top Priorities

As a member of Forrester’s AR Council, your dedicated advisor helps you and your peers apply insights from forward-looking AR research and best practices so you can improve on priorities you’ve told us are most pressing:

  • Elevate AR visibility to the C-suite.
  • Educate and prepare AR spokespeople.
  • Support sales with AR.
  • Design and manage an effective customer reference program.
  • Generate business insight from AR.
  • Lead novel influence programs.
  • Prepare, execute, and leverage major analyst evaluations.
  • Deliver measurable AR value.

Leaders Inspiring Leaders

Member meetings and peer exchanges provide an exclusive platform to share, challenge, and navigate the latest AR best practices in a neutral, confidential space. Members hear timely, peer-based guidance and insight about AR issues with peer-based relevance, such as:

  • How are crowd-sourced review sites changing the face of customer references?
  • What are the best ways to integrate and manage a post-acquisition team?
  • Which elements make for the most compelling virtual events?
  • Can I save disappointing evaluation results?
  • How do I decide between the AR tools available?
  • Who has had the best success with headcount or budget justification?
  • Should I outsource AR support?
  • How have others succeeded in creating a new category?
  • What are the most creative ways to leverage custom reports, webinars, or reprints?
  • How can I streamline the major eval process?

Join Us

Get in touch to learn more about the AR Council, hear about upcoming meetings, and unlock AR success.