Buyers navigate a complex, noisy market and need help understanding how your offerings relate to major transformation or deliver specific outcomes. In a market fraught with buzzwords and hyperbole, you can separate from the pack and drive growth by connecting your value to clear research.

Forrester Reprints help clarify, position, and create urgency for your products and services. You’ll educate your buyers on markets and trends and provide context for your solutions’ strengths.

Digital Report Reprints

Tell your story and drive demand with a digital reprint. Learn what works for your target audience with advanced analytics and enhance how you tell your story with customizable add-ons for your reprint.

  • Wrapper. Wrappers are a co-branded, customizable addition that allow you to share and create an introduction to Forrester’s thought leadership.
  • Wave Evaluation Summary. Add in a summary of your firm and offering along with insights from a Forrester Wave, evaluating your solutions capabilities and criteria.

View our Planned Research to see what our analysts are covering next.

Reprint Activation

Already purchased a reprint and ready to begin engaging with your target buyers? Check out the following resources to help you make the most of your investment:

  1. Reprints Success Guide. Learn about best practices for creating a landing page, driving traffic to your website, and more.
  2. Reprints FAQ. Get answers to your most pressing questions about reprints, including personalization options, usage inquiries, and more.

Learn how to drive demand with Forrester Reprints.

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