B2C Marketing Leaders

Take The Lead As An Empowered Champion Of Customer Obsession

Today’s customers demand more from brands — increased transparency, greater commitment to values, enhanced convenience, and seamless and immersive experiences. For B2C marketing leaders, these rising customer expectations collide with lagging budgets and amped-up pressure to prove financial results.

To succeed, B2C marketing must reclaim its strategic remit across the organization, embrace the evolution of technology and analytics, and secure C-suite advocacy by boldly demonstrating the value of marketing and its impact on growth and value.

Challenges You Face

Marketing leaders today must consider how to achieve the maximum financial, social, and environmental value for the company. This remit requires a deeper understanding of customer experience and how it intersects with the brand experience. We understand the challenges you face as you explore innovative ways to distinguish your brand and cement customer loyalty, including:

  • Competing against nontraditional entrants in an increasingly complex landscape.
  • Reluctance of the business to inject key customer insights into strategy.
  • Securing budgets and demonstrating the value of marketing across the organization.
  • Balancing quick wins against long-term ROI.
  • Keeping pace with changing customer behaviors, including waning loyalty and technology demands.

Bold Solutions Fit For You

Forrester empowers B2C marketing executives to establish the marketing function as an indispensable business driver, leading the intersection of customer and brand experience and innovating new ways of securing long-term value and growth.

Secure Long-Term Value And Growth

Forrester Decisions for B2C Marketing Executives helps leaders increase their brand loyalty and develop an agile marketing function to stay ahead of change and quickly pivot to evolving market and customer demands.


For Brands, The Olympics Is Unlike Any Other Sporting Event

Dipanjan Chatterjee 6 days ago
The Olympics are global, prestigious, vast, and a tribute to extraordinary grit. Companies looking to leverage the games to promote their brands need to recognize the event's uniqueness.

2024 Paris Olympic And Paralympic Games: A Big Opportunity For Brands

Thomas Husson July 3, 2024
Despite the post-election trauma in France, brands sponsoring the 2024 Paris Olympic Games should be able to leverage their investments. There is a huge contrast between the current political context today in France and the universal message that the Olympic Games will convey in about three weeks. Despite traditional French skepticism and pessimism, the momentum […]

Generative AI Marketing Use Cases In APAC

Xiaofeng Wang July 3, 2024
I’m pleased to announce the publication of the second of my two APAC generative AI (genAI) B2C marketing reports, Generative AI Marketing Use Cases In APAC (client-only access). Following the first data overview report on the state of genAI marketing in the region, this report delves into diverse genAI marketing use cases that achieved positive […]

Offsite Addressability Presents An Untapped Opportunity For Retail Media Networks

Mo Allibhai July 2, 2024
As retail media networks have grown and diversified, so have the problems in adtech. Ad fraud, made-for-arbitrage, and AI-generated content farms are multiplying, riddling the once “easy” task of programmatic buying with brand safety pitfalls. Retail owned and operated properties like displays in a Walgreens, audio broadcast in a Walmart store, or a banner ad […]

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