Thought Leadership Content Methodology

Commissioned Forrester content provides clients with an in-depth study (Thought Leadership Program) or brief (Opportunity Snapshot) that analyzes trends, disruptions, and customer needs in a key market. Commissioned thought leadership content is based on the execution of a primary custom research study and may also cite Forrester data (e.g., Consumer Technographics®, Business Technographics, etc.) or other independent data sources. Forrester sets B2B and B2C sample standards with minimums for qualitative and quantitative samples via surveys and interviews for the research. Clients commissioning custom studies fund this supporting research and own the resulting datasets, which cannot be used in Forrester’s syndicated content.

Commissioned thought leadership studies are driven by double-blind research, and Forrester does not solely base research or findings on client-supplied sample. Forrester does not endorse a company or its solution, and clients cannot purchase favorable opinions or results. Forrester only states what the data shows. Positive results are not guaranteed. All Consulting thought leadership content is clearly marked as “commissioned” and is not published to Forrester clients.

For more information about how Forrester custom content can be used and cited, see our Citation Policy and The Dos And Don’ts Of Forrester Custom Research.