John Rymer, Vice President and Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Low-code platforms — software that allows nonprogrammers to develop apps through a visual interface — have been around for a while, but popularity skyrocketed with the last recession, gaining momentum in 2009 and 2010.

Companies were under pressure to produce great new products and services quickly and at a lower cost — often relying on new and innovative software to get them there. Low-code development platforms allowed for LOB-located employees to participate, thereby expanding the size of the workforce able to deliver software.

In today’s environment of constant change, low-code remains as relevant as ever — and not just as a cost-cutting measure. VP and Principal Analyst John Rymer joins us in this podcast episode to discuss the transformative power of low-code, unpacking the myths and reservations about using this path of development and how to identify potential users best suited to low-code platforms across your organization.