About Forrester

Forrester Research (Nasdaq: FORR) is a global research and advisory firm serving professionals in 13 key roles across three distinct client segments. Our clients face progressively complex business and technology decisions every day. To help them understand, strategize, and act upon opportunities brought by change, Forrester provides proprietary research, consumer and business data, custom consulting, events and online communities, and peer-to-peer executive programs. We guide leaders in business technology, marketing and strategy, and the technology industry through independent fact-based insight, ensuring their business success today and tomorrow.


Forrester encourages technology vendors and agencies to brief our analysts when introducing a new product, changing a business model, or forming a partnership, merger, or acquisition. To extract the most value from your experience, please carefully review the following information.

Why you should brief Forrester

Briefings are a unique opportunity to share business updates that are relevant to analysts' coverage areas and provide input for their research into changing markets. This research is vital to our global clients in marketing and technology management who evaluate, purchase, and use new products and services. For example, our rigorous Forrester Wave™ methodology enables buyers to make informed decisions about vendors in a software, device, hardware, or services market — without the effort of conducting their own research.

How to propose an analyst briefing

To submit a briefing, please complete the form, so that we can direct your request to the appropriate analyst(s).

What to expect after submitting the briefing form

Your completed form will be routed to the appropriate analyst(s) within one business day. Within five business days, we'll let you know if your proposal has been accepted.

How many analysts will attend

Typically, the Forrester analyst who is most relevant to your coverage area will attend the briefing. If your announcement is relevant to multiple analysts, we will also route your proposal to them. But only the lead analyst is guaranteed to attend.

Forrester briefings are conducted in two ways:

  • Conference call. Due to busy schedules and varying time zones, many vendors find that conference calls are the best way to brief a Forrester analyst. To ensure that your experience is optimal, please share your presentation with the analyst at least 48 hours prior to the call. You’re welcome to conduct a web conference, as well.
  • In-person meeting at a Forrester office. In-person briefings are available if: 1) the analyst is located at that office and agrees to an in-person briefing; and 2) you are local to the Forrester office where the analyst is based. We do not recommend traveling for the sole purpose of a briefing, as our analysts' schedules change frequently.

When to provide the dial-in number

During scheduling, please provide a toll-free dial-in number appropriate for the analyst's geographic location. If you cannot provide one during initial scheduling, we ask you to provide the number at least 48 hours prior to the briefing, to maintain your place on the analyst's schedule.

The analyst's role during a briefing

Forrester analysts use briefings to learn about changes in markets, providers, and services. To increase their understanding of your business, the analyst will ask you clarifying questions. These questions can range from specifics about customer drivers and product features or functionality, to how the change reflects your company strategy and competitive positioning.

Questions and feedback

Throughout the briefing, the analyst will ask clarifying questions based on what they know about your market, your customers, and your objectives.

Forrester clients have many additional opportunities to engage with our experts to receive feedback, including:

Learn more about becoming a Forrester client.


Forrester hosts in-person Analyst Days at its research offices around the world. Analyst Days are complimentary events that provide technology vendors with an opportunity to talk with multiple leading Forrester analysts face to face in a half-day event. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to a presentation by a leading Forrester analyst; and participate in facilitated group discussions and peer networking. For more information about Forrester's Analyst Days, please email: