Environmental, Social, and Governance

We have an insatiable curiosity about what’s coming next. As a research and advisory firm, we guide some of the most admired organizations in the world on the ideas and initiatives that will change the future. And we believe it is our responsibility to help build a better future for all — not only our clients but also a broader range of stakeholders, including our shareholders, employees, and society.

Environmental Sustainability

Forrester recognizes a shared responsibility to respect and protect the environment and has long championed environmental sustainability best practices. To that end, Forrester plans to reduce its carbon emissions by more than half by 2025, compared to 2019 levels.

Although we have grown globally since our founding in 1983, our facilities and operations have a small ecological footprint. Forrester continues to be proactive in our environmental sustainability practices, reducing the environmental impact of our business through various waste reduction practices, LEED-certified/eco-friendly buildings, recycling, and battery disposal.

We are committed to protecting the environment, building a more sustainable future, and investing in initiatives that help us lower our carbon footprint.

Lowering Carbon Intensity

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Incorporating environmental green building standards, including LEED certification, into office space design.
  • Managing waste through participation in and championing of waste management programs that promote reduction, reuse, and recycling.
  • Offering hybrid work options and investing in technologies that reduce the need for employee business travel or commuting.
  • Installing water fountains in all our corporate buildings to conserve water and discourage the use of disposable plastic bottles.
  • Developing employee-led Green Teams to identify, promote, and drive green consciousness and enhancements.
  • Supporting and promoting the use of public transit by employees.
  • Investing in charging stations for electric vehicles at our Cambridge, Massachusetts headquarters, reducing the use of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions.

Investing In Sustainable Technology

At Forrester, we have implemented sustainable IT solutions to reduce power draw and CO2 emissions, such as energy-efficient computer equipment for all employees, including laptops, screens and devices, server virtualization, data lifecycle management, IP telephony, and videoconferencing.

All IT waste that does not contain data is sorted and recycled. The equipment is placed in a special container and then picked up by a dedicated IT waste management company for sorting at special IT recycling facilities.

Social Responsibility

Contributing to the betterment of the world is a business imperative for Forrester. Our corporate responsibility, philanthropy, and diversity and inclusion efforts help us attract, retain, and develop the best and brightest talent — critical to the ongoing success of our company.

Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are part of the fabric of Forrester’s culture. Our aspiration is for our workplace to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve and that every employee has an equal opportunity to join, belong, and thrive in our company.

Community Service

Forrester supports our employees’ efforts to serve in their local communities by providing paid volunteer days. We encourage employees to take paid volunteer days to serve charitable organizations of their choosing.

Corporate Philanthropy

Forrester and its employees frequently contribute funds or goods to support philanthropic and community giving efforts. Past initiatives have included employee participation in sponsored charitable events and distribution of goods through select disaster relief organizations.

Research And Thought Leadership

At Forrester, we have research teams focusing on corporate values, D&I, and sustainability. We work closely with senior leaders to advise them on how they can align their environmental, social, and governance efforts with their businesses. Our goal is to effect positive change in society and for our planet through our research, data, and expertise.


Forrester is committed to operating its business ethically, with integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Forrester also believes in providing a working environment for all employees that is not only productive, satisfying, and safe but also one where all employees are treated with dignity and respect and where diverse perspectives are valued.

Code of Business Conduct And Ethics

Forrester values integrity, honesty, fairness, and ethics as the cornerstones of all employee behavior. These values guide every aspect of our business: We will pursue only those business opportunities that support these values; treat others as we would like to be treated; and promote relationships and partnerships that withstand the highest public scrutiny and ethical review.

Data Protection And Privacy

Our clients trust us with some of their most sensitive confidential information, and we take our obligation to secure it seriously. We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk of disclosure of this information, and we attempt to minimize the amount of personally identifiable information regarding third parties in our possession. When the processing of personally identifiable information is unavoidable, we strive to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). We have also implemented a Privacy Impact Assessment process to be used before we contract with new vendors of products or services that may have access to confidential and/or personal information.

Fact-Based Research And Objective Advice

We help our clients perform at their very best by serving as a neutral party that both providers and buyers can trust. We provide honest, fair, data-informed, and quality research. Our opinions can’t be bought.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India

We recognize our moral responsibility to aid and serve the society. In India, Forrester is committed to supporting CSR initiatives that focus on promoting healthcare, advancing education and empowering women.