North America Planning Assumptions 2022: B2B Marketing

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

In the face of continued change and disruption, and needing to connect with increasingly empowered customers, organizations are turning to marketing for answers. The opportunity for you to step up and lead is clear. The path from opportunity to success, however, has never been harder to see. 

Get crucial clarity on the trends that will impact marketing in 2022 and discover how to profit from the changes they’ll bring. 

We’ll pull back the curtain to reveal:

  • How ongoing disruption will challenge all marketers but present growth opportunities to the prepared.
  • Why it’s urgent for marketing execs, operations leaders, and demand and ABM leaders to increase their integration.
  • Six research-based, forward-looking actions that will help you succeed despite uncertainty and complexity.

Prepare yourself for leadership and growth in 2022! Watch this webinar, where we share our exclusive Planning Assumptions.

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45 minutes