How Reltio Shifted From MQLs To Buying Groups — In 60 Days

Watch the webinar replay to gain valuable insights from a real-world example of the benefits of moving from MQLs to buying groups for revenue generation. 

The buyer journey is evolving, with more stakeholders and longer sales cycles. Its a complex endeavor best tackled with a broader context of group buying dynamics. 

Shifting from marketingqualified leads (MQLs) to buying groups makes it possible to identify and engage key stakeholders, build stronger relationships, and increase the likelihood of conversion. It sounds good, because it is! 

Watch this webinar replay to learn how one company put the power of buying groups into action to boost pipeline, deal flow, and revenue in just 60 days. 

Hear how Reltio worked with Forrester to shift its revenue process from MQLs to buying groups to transform revenue outcomes. 

What Will You Learn? 

  • Explore the key elements behind Reltios successful transition that helped it achieve remarkable results. 
  • Discover the winning strategies and mindset shifts that accelerated Reltios transition. 
  • Uncover the tangible business value gained from Reltios shift to buying groups. 

What’s In It For You? 

  • Gather tips and advice for transforming from MQLs to buying groups and opportunities. 
  • Receive practical guidance to ensure a smooth and successful transition. 
  • Gain practical, real-world insight to revolutionize your revenue generation strategy. 

Forrester Host

Reltio Speakers

Maria Robinson

Head of Marketing, Reltio

Michael Brown

Sr. Director of Global Business Development, Reltio

Joel Jacob

Sr. Operations & Analytics Manager, Reltio

Eric Cross

Chief Revenue Officer, Reltio

How Reltio Shifted From MQLs To Buying Groups — In 60 Days

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