One year ago, our panel of Marketing Leaders told us they were dissatisfied with their current media strategies: 71% had a hard time measuring the effectiveness of their media allocation, and 52% were struggling to drive a fully consumer-centric media plan.


How have those trends changed in just one year?


To find out, we have launched our latest Global Marketing Leaders Survey. The results will be published as part of our ongoing series of documents regarding choosing the right media mix.


Interested in the results? All you have to do is become part of our Global Marketing Leaders Panel. The panel includes 476 senior marketing executives like you. Just click here to join our panel and participate in the current Global Marketing Leaders Online Survey.


In addition to media allocation strategies, we will also cover the following in this survey:

  • Shifts in media budgets;
  • How companies embrace marketing innovation;
  • How senior marketers make marketing technology decisions.

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.


In exchange for your valuable time, we will:

  • Send you the results from this research before its official release date.
  • We will also provide you with access to a free piece of research of your choice, once you have completed the survey. The reports we are offering include:
    A: "The Media Meltdown Makes Integrated Marketing An Imperative", by David Card
    B: "The Broad Reach Of Social Technologies", by Sean Corcoran
    C: "Use Online Communities For Strategic Insight", by Lisa Bradner

If you have any question at all, please drop me an email or comment here.