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Digital Sovereignty Is Changing The Cloud Market

Dario Maisto February 5, 2024
Digital sovereignty offerings from cloud providers are getting more complicated. Get an overview of what's happening in the market and learn the benefits of defining digital sovereignty requirements early.

Forrester’s 2023 Technology Strategy Impact Award Winner And Finalists For EMEA

Dario Maisto August 22, 2023
Learn how the award winner and finalists drive customer-obsessed transformation with their technology strategies.

Our Reflections On SAP Sapphire 2023

Dario Maisto July 17, 2023
Forrester analysts attended SAP’s key customer event, Sapphire, this year in Barcelona and Orlando. In 2023, “digital” and “AI” were the two keywords used in almost every presentation … sometimes maybe abused. Two things caught our attention: Digital hubs as a business enabler. SAP estimates that 80% of B2B transactions will happen via digital channels […]

Gaia-X Is Back, But Only Adoption Will Signal Success

Dario Maisto May 30, 2023
The creation of the Gaia-X Digital Clearing House provides a more transparent view of cloud data sovereignty in Europe and facilitates cloud migration and data space projects. Learn more about the latest updates.

Salesforce’s New EU Hyperforce Region Is Only A Sticking-Plaster Solution For EU Sovereignty Issues

Dario Maisto April 14, 2023
Salesforce has recently announced the launch of its Hyperforce EU Operating Zone, working with the Hyperforce cloud platform. Thanks to this move, Salesforce can now sell its products, along with customer and technical support, using only EU delivery resources and data storage. Compared to the past, EU customers now have an option to have all […]

What’s Up With SAP’s Cloudification Strategy In Europe?

Dario Maisto April 6, 2023
Hear what customers are saying about the new SAP cloud strategy at the DSAG’s Technology Days event in Mannheim, Germany.

Top Takeaways From The Forrester Wave™: Public Cloud Development And Infrastructure Platforms In Europe, Q1 2023

Dario Maisto March 10, 2023
The European vendors’ landscape for Public Cloud Development and Infrastructure Platforms is dominated by hyperscalers. However, European cloud vendors do have a strong unique selling proposition in the region.

Recommendations From The 2023 Application Development Benchmarks, Europe

Dario Maisto March 10, 2023
The 2023 Application Development Benchmarks, Europe report is now available. This document mirrors the global 2022 Application Development Benchmarks so that European tech execs can read both in conjunction and get an even better picture of application development costs and practices around the world. In this blog, we give some recommendations to consider after reading […]

Service Providers Are Set For Growth In 2023 Despite An Uncertain Business Outlook

Dario Maisto January 27, 2023
Growth Despite Turbulent Surroundings 2022 was a tough year, and economic forecasts show uncertainty about what will happen in 2023. Complex global geopolitical conditions see constant announcements of budget cuts, layoffs, and tech execs’ priorities being reshuffled. Service providers are expecting growth in 2023, however, with a new focus on partnerships, delivering co-innovation, and building […]

Uneven Innovation At AWS re:Invent 2022

Lee Sustar December 8, 2022
Some 14 Forrester analysts attended this year’s AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. The conference was a mix of innovation in some areas — particularly compute and networking, along with a co-engineering approach to industry cloud — but plateaus in others, such as hybrid and edge. Efficiency and consolidation were underlying themes, from amping up AI/ML […]

Benchmarks Help European IT Leaders Make Critical Investment Decisions

Dario Maisto November 30, 2022
Benchmark data can support the decision-making process, but it can also mislead and bring decision-makers to the wrong conclusions. My recent report, 2022 IT And Digital Budget Benchmarks, Europe, presents relevant benchmark figures to support European technology leaders’ decisions. What To Expect From This Report European IT leaders ask plenty of questions about benchmarking. In […]

Data Sovereignty Battles Continue To Dominate The European Public Cloud Market

Dario Maisto November 18, 2022
The battle between hyperscalers and European cloud providers to conquer the European public cloud market is getting more contentious over the issue of data sovereignty. It now involves new actors, new concerns, and new weapons. Here a few of the main facts that will most probably influence the European cloud scenario moving forward. Growing Complexity […]

Prognosen 2023: Cloud

Dario Maisto 31 Oktober 2022
Die Cloud-Einführung hat in verschiedenen Organisationen in ganz Europa eine völlig neue Landschaft geschaffen - von der Strategie bis hin zur Implementierung.

European Predictions 2023: Cloud

Dario Maisto October 27, 2022
In 2023, European banks and governments will accelerate their cloud plans while Kubernetes will see increased interest, as well. Learn more in our 2023 cloud predictions for EMEA.

Prévisions Européennes 2023 : Cloud Computing

Dario Maisto 27 Octobre 2022
Le processus d’adoption du cloud change du tout au tout, du point de vue de la stratégie à celui de la mise en œuvre, dans différentes organisations dans toute l’Europe. En raison de la pandémie, les entreprises se sont parfois retrouvées à adopter le cloud par la force des choses. Certaines d’entre elles ont même […]

ERP: Switching To Cloud-Based DOPs At Your Own Pace

Dario Maisto October 3, 2022
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors are pushing client organizations to replace their on-premises ERP solutions with cloud-based digital operations platforms (DOPs). As a result, ERP discussions are filling up the agendas of CTOs and procurement officers. The increasing number of inquiries that we at Forrester receive is a clear signal that the market is moving, […]

Digital Platforms And Cloud — Looking Beyond The Buzzwords

Dario Maisto July 6, 2022
Two vital questions come up repeatedly in client conversations about digital platforms and the cloud. We dig into those here.