Today was our first official update to the research plan (a.k.a. the development document) for our project investigating thought leadership in the technology industry. A quick refresher: this particular piece of research is our first venture into Agile research development, which (1) applies Agile principles to our research, and (2) opens the project to the community to participate in the research process from start to finish. In other words, we're using the newly-launched Forrester Community as the forum where the voice of the customer will speak directly to us about our research as we're doing it.

You can see the current development document, including the updated text and the comments that inspired those changes, here. As promised, we're also maintaining a change log for tracking these changes over time. (The development document is also versioned, so we can look back on the history of edits through that mechanism, too.)

According to the calendar, today is the official end of the comments phase before we officially start the research. Just to be very, very clear, comments are not only still welcomed, but encouraged. At every stage in this project, there are opportunities for the community to give us constructive feedback. Since the next step is assembling the interview questions for our primary research, there's plenty of room for input that can affect the questionnaire, the choice of case studies, and other elements of the research.

So please, keep the comments coming. The development document, which is the hub of the materials developed for this research project, is always the right place for feedback.