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The Three Myths Of IT Change Management Are Holding You Back

Julie Mohr April 13, 2022
IT change management has been a significant source of debate over the years. I can say that change management is the number one source of the most uncomfortable, stressful, and irritating moments throughout my career. On one side, we have the IT service management (ITSM) thinking, which primarily focuses on a well-defined manual process, with […]

Talent Woes: Sometimes Your Best Defense Is A Really Good Offense

Julie Mohr January 19, 2022
Use Agile Knowledge Management Practices To Combat Knowledge Loss In The Great Resignation It’s the fourth quarter, your team is down three points, and there’s less than two minutes to go. A victory is in the hands of the quarterback and coach, who have to execute a hurry-up offense to go the length of the […]

The ROI Of Sustainability

Sustainability initiatives are no longer just a ‘nice to have’. Learn how to build a use case for sustainability in APAC.


Crisis-Driven Innovation Demands Creativity And Action Under Pressure

Phil Brunkard September 23, 2021
Get five tips on how to incorporate crisis-driven innovation principles into your innovation competencies and practices.

Balance Speed, Experimentation, And Risk With FM&E Technology

Christopher Condo August 25, 2021
There's a certain amount of risk that comes with rapid innovation. Learn how a new category of technology can help minimize those risks for your development teams.

Standard Chartered Bank’s Future Fit Tech Strategy

Frederic Giron June 29, 2021
Learn how Standard Chartered's group CIO and his team continuously execute on the three key drivers of a future fit technology strategy: platforms, practices, and partners.

Practices Deliver What Processes Can’t

Pascal Matzke June 25, 2021
Struggling to move beyond agile and scale innovation across your organization? Learn how establishing new practices can help.

Organizational Change Is About Orchestrating Organizational Systems

Christopher Gilchrist June 1, 2021
In our previous blog, we discussed the strategic shift from efficiency to effectiveness and the organizational implications from it. One implication is the ever-quickening pace of technology advancement and how organizations position themselves to exploit that advancement at scale to adapt or create new capabilities and services. The key element here is “at scale.” New […]

Insights For Technlogy Leaders

Accelerate growth with a technology strategy fit for the future.


Forrester Decisions: A Future Fit Strategy For Tech Execs

Matthew Guarini May 18, 2021
Over the past few months, Forrester has been working closely with our clients to reimagine how our research can shorten the distance between bold vision and big business decisions. On May 3, we announced Forrester Decisions: a new approach and brand-new platform focusing our research, insights, and collaborative resources on helping you solve the most […]

Adaptive Firms Outperform The Competition

Fiona Mark April 20, 2021
Firms with a strong, adaptive foundation will succeed in an era of unprecedented change by reconfiguring their core business concepts and meeting customers' emerging needs and expectations. Find out how.

Three Human-Centered Imperatives For Our Tech-Enabled Future

Christopher Gilchrist April 8, 2021
Learn the three tactics your organization can use to shift from technology supporting business value to technology shaping business value.

Make Agile A Stepping Stone Toward Future Fit Adaptability

Diego Lo Giudice March 17, 2021
Being adaptive is one of three core competencies of what Forrester calls a future fit organization. Let’s explore how to reach adaptability and help you deal with the unknown, drive organizational flexibility, and react to rapid change.

Bosch’s Cultural Transformation Offers Lessons For Other Businesses

Dan Bieler March 8, 2021
Discover how Bosch is carefully weighing issues such as the speed of its cultural change and the impact on its brand image as an innovator against the value of its existing culture. And learn how to avoid obstacles, such as when old product development models are colliding with innovation.

Innovate To Differentiate

Learn the four core competencies that a future fit technology strategy is built upon in this new guide.


The Future Of Work Requires Changes To Management Culture

Dan Bieler March 2, 2021
An innovative management culture provides a strong purpose, creates diverse and cross-functional teams, focuses on the customer as the centre of business activity, and embraces transparent communication with the organisation.

Agile CMS Moves The Market Beyond Headless — The Just-Released Forrester Wave™ Evaluation

Nick Barber February 22, 2021
Agile content management systems (CMSes) build on the momentum of nearly 30 years of delivering modern, digital, internet-powered experiences. With a nod to both developers and practitioners, agile CMS seeks to enable collaborative, iterative approaches to content and experiences that satisfy both sides of the house. Make no mistake, though, agile CMS is more than […]

The Scrum Guide 2020 Aims For Focus And Inclusivity But Might Scare Designers Away

Karine Cardona-Smits January 27, 2021
I attended the Scrum Guide 2020 Update event that also celebrated its 25th anniversary. And while this new edition intends to provide more focus, be simpler, and be more inclusive — recognizing that Scrum is widely used outside the software development world — some choices might be counterproductive and even scare designers away. Here are […]

Agile Marketing: Cui Bono?

Marcia Trask December 9, 2020
There’s no mystery as to who benefits from agile marketing adoption. Marcia Trask shows that the lineup of beneficiaries includes marketing teams, leadership, internal stakeholders, and external customers.

Get Ready For The Subscription Business

Dan Bieler November 20, 2020
Subscriptions link the value propositions of customer usage to outcomes. To achieve this business model, traditional product companies need to reinvent innovation cycles, product development approaches, sales and marketing tactics, and customer support functions. There are many obstacles to this transformation — but it’s doable. Three main observations when defining your strategy for driving subscription […]

Adapt Your Tech Strategy For The Future

Pandemics and systemic risks are here to stay. How adaptive and resilient is your technology strategy to changing customer needs?


The New Operating Model Is Upon Us

Charles Betz November 6, 2020
Challenging times call for creative responses and quick pivots. Learn how some organizations are rethinking innovation to thrive.

The DevOps Hypothesis Is Sound — Introducing The Q4 2020 Modern Technology Operations Survey

Charles Betz November 5, 2020
This year, I led my first custom survey research for Forrester, the Q4 2020 Modern Technology Operations Survey. We selected a random panel of 268 digital and IT professionals with day-to-day responsibility for operating digital systems. (We did not rule out developers, as long as they also had runtime responsibilities). We also looked for folks […]

The Second Edition Of Our Forrester New Wave™ Evaluation On Chatbots For IT Ops

William McKeon-White November 5, 2020
Today, we released: “The Forrester New Wave: Chatbots for IT Operations, Q4 2020.” We looked at the top nine vendors in the market today and evaluated them across 10 criteria. Organizations looking to improve employee technology experience or increase their automation capabilities can use IT chatbot platforms to: Deflect tickets from the help desk Automate […]
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