B2B Marketing Certification

The B2B market is constantly evolving due to new technology, buyer needs, and interaction preferences. It can be a challenge for product, marketing, and sales teams to stay aligned while outpacing this constant evolution. But research shows that highly aligned organizations grow 19 percent faster on average than their peers and are 15 percent more profitable.

B2B marketing certification accelerates your team’s ability to align and create strategic marketing programs that achieve business objectives and grow revenue.

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For You And Your Organization

There are two ways you can use B2B marketing certification courses to align your team and move faster together:

Available courses:

Deepen Your Understanding

Forrester certification courses are a fast and scalable way to align your team on key definitions and frameworks by discipline. Each course includes:

  • Self-paced, online lessons built for practical application to your real-world challenges.
  • Timed, 60-day cohorts that bring together peers from multiple geographies and industries.
  • Content that adapts to suit executives, experienced, and novice team members.
  • Forrester certification as proof of you and your team’s accomplishment and specialized skills.

Based on the research presented in this course, I can make the case to our CEO that marketing is a primary revenue driver.

B2B Marketing alum

Accelerating B2B Marketing

Align your marketing team toward a common strategy and way of working. Hone your strategic efforts and develop meaningful, ongoing relationships with buyers and customers.

Accelerating B2B Marketing is available as a one-time course experience or as part of Forrester Decisions for B2B Marketing Executives, Marketing Operations, Demand & ABM, Portfolio Marketing, and Channel Marketing.

The next course begins November 8. Register by November 5.

Topics Covered In Accelerating B2B Marketing 

Explore B2B Marketing In Today’s Business Landscape
Examine the core elements of B2B marketing and how the function operates in today’s business ecosystem.

Target Personas To Develop A Winning Go-To-Market Strategy
Determine the buyer roles that your organization should target and the insights that should inform your strategies.

Uncover The Nuances Of The Buyer’s Journey
Understand the components of a buyer’s journey to structure a sequence of activities that will enable buying decisions.

Understand Demand Management
Learn how and where the buying groups with the quickest potential for revenue should influence your marketing strategies.

Design An Audience-Centric Campaign Approach
Learn how to orchestrate an integrated campaign that aligns the marketing organization and drives results.

Calibrate B2B Marketing Measurement
Learn how to demonstrate the full scope and value that the marketing function contributes to the business.

Mastering Demand & ABM

Improve how you target, engage, and enable buyers and buying groups to deliver pipeline momentum from your demand and account-based marketing programs.

Mastering Demand & ABM is available as a one-time course experience or as part of Forrester Decisions for Demand & ABM.

The next course begins November 8. Register by November 5.

Topics Covered In Mastering Demand & ABM 

Revenue Engine Optimization
Create a distinctive process to measure, manage, and improve demand efforts through the Forrester B2B Revenue Waterfall.

Demand & ABM Strategy And Modeling
Review demand spectrum strategies with tools and templates to simulate results and set accurate expectations.

Real-Time Buyer Enablement
Reach and engage buyers in the right way, at the right time, across the buying decision process.

Demand Program Design And Execution
Use the Forrester Program Pendulum Framework to ensure that your demand programs are the best they can be.

ABM Program Design And Execution
Develop concrete, specific ABM account plans that target the right audience with the right message to drive desired results.

Content For Demand & ABM
Transform outdated content processes and technology into competitive growth drivers for your business.

Mastering Portfolio Marketing

Create deep market and buyer understanding throughout the organization by focusing on buyer personas and their needs. Maximize go-to-market performance with audience-centric positioning, messaging, and product launch programs with impact.

Mastering Portfolio Marketing is available as a one-time course experience or as part of Forrester Decisions for Portfolio Marketing.

The next course begins November 8. Register by November 5.

Topics Covered In Mastering Portfolio Marketing 

Audience Segmentation And Buyer Personas
Improve go-to-market effectiveness by defining target audience segments.

Building An Action Plan And Developing Personas
Make the move from product-centric to customer-centric marketing through buyer personas.

Personas And Buyer Journey Mapping
Put your audience at the center of your content using the Forrester Messaging Nautilus methodology.

Go-To-Market Workflow Process
Explore the Forrester Product Marketing and Management Model.

Sales Knowledge Transfer
Use knowledge components to develop a consistent approach to enabling sales.

Sales Enablement Planning and Adoption
Transfer knowledge effectively with sales enablement plans.

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