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Strategic business transformation initiatives require buy-in and behavior change from every employee in your organization—from CEO to entry-level. Motivating and moving such a large, diverse group of people is a daunting proposition. Employees must understand the value of the change to the company and be able to confidently connect it to their role. Without both components, business transformations fall flat.

Explore CX Essentials

Forrester’s CX Essentials program provides enterprise-wide understanding of your CX mandate, to ensure employees at every level of the organization are aware of and act on the essential elements behind delivering value to your customers. The program functions as a catalyst for cultural change throughout your organization.

Accelerate your CX Transformation

The research is clear: better CX drives better business results across industries as diverse as banking, internet services, and retail. When customers have a better experience, their intentions to stay with a brand longer, buy more from that brand, and recommend that brand all increase. CX Essentials helps you accelerate your CX transformation across your organization to create new cultural norms and enable change.

Spur buy-in and create a shared mindset
Connect everyday actions to your CX vision to effectively mobilize change within your organization.

Inspire action on your CX initiatives
Educate employees on the value of CX using familiar language and your specific artifacts.

Engage your employees
Deliver an engaging experience they’ll remember.

Give CX-specific teams a deeper foundation in CX principles through the CX Certification program for teams.

How enterprise-wide programs work

Forrester provides a research-based course curriculum that can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs. The course uses a combination of short videos, quizzes and reflection exercises to provide a dynamic, branded experience that is intuitive and mobile-friendly.

  • Feature Forrester’s foundational CX curriculum based on more than 20 years of CX expertise.
  • Include custom messages delivered by your executive sponsor or team​ lead.
  • Add your own assets to create a learning program that drives cultural change.

CX Essentials Curriculum

The CX Essentials course curriculum covers:

  • Understanding CX
  • The Drivers of Great CX
  • The CX Ecosystem
  • Listening and Responding to Customer
  • The Business Value of Great CX
  • Optional Addition: CX at Your Company

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