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The one constant for technology is change. But how do you help teams embrace change to stay adaptive, resilient, and creative?

Forrester certification courses for technology strategy arm you and your team with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to adopt Forrester methodologies such as Zero Trust at your organization, with optional professional recognition for their unique expertise.

For You And Your Organization

There are two ways you can use Technology strategy certification courses to align your team and move faster together:

Available courses:

Deepen Your Understanding 

Forrester certification courses are a fast and scalable way to align your team on key definitions and frameworks by discipline. Each course includes:

  • Self-paced, online lessons built for practical application to your real-world challenges.
  • Timed, 60-day cohorts that bring together peers from multiple geographies and industries.
  • Content that adapts to suit executives, experienced, and novice team members.
  • Forrester certification as proof of you and your team’s accomplishment and specialized skills.

We wanted to adopt the Zero Trust approach and do it the right way. The course helped me understand the bigger picture of Zero Trust.

Global information security technologist

Adopting Zero Trust

Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills required to adopt Zero Trust at your organization. Create the business case for Zero Trust and learn how to build alignment around a common imperative, terminology, and set of tools to mobilize lasting change.

Adopting Zero Trust is available as a one-time course experience or as part of Forrester Decisions for Technology Executives, Security & Risk and Technology Architecture & Delivery.

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Topics Covered In Adopting Zero Trust 

Get Started On Your Zero Trust Journey​
Develop a roadmap that adopts Zero Trust as the centerpiece to your security initiatives and garners support from key stakeholders by aligning to existing business or organizational initiatives.​

Protect Your Data ​And Assets​
Apply a three-pronged approach (define, dissect, and defend) and leverage threat intelligence to enable the right controls for your organization’s data security and protection.​

Manage Users ​And Identities​
Gain insight into insider threats and best practices for identity and access management (IAM) so you can optimize and automate your security responses.​

Secure Your Devices​
Leverage security analytics to address existing security gaps around devices (including managed, unmanaged, and IoT), and recommend policies for improved device management.​

Enable Workload Security​
Develop a strategy for application security and explore the benefits of partnering with your development team to more effectively “secure what you sell.”​

Architect Your Network Security​
Build a strategy to secure your Zero Trust network, ensure successful network microsegmentation, and foster a mature security culture.​

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