Fujitsu: Transforming Marketing To Support A New Go-To-Market Approach

A Forrester B2B Marketing Client Success Story

Client Profile

Fujitsu, headquartered in Japan, is a global information and communication technology (ICT) company that provides a full range of technology solutions to customers in more than 100 countries. The organization operates in six regions and has 126,000 employees worldwide.

In Australia and New Zealand, Fujitsu has been established for more than 45 years and has more than 3,000 employees working across 30 locations. Fujitsu Australia Limited is one of the region’s largest ICT companies, posting over $1 billion in yearly revenue. Annemarie Kikos is head of strategic marketing for Fujitsu Australia Limited.



Fujitsu Australia Limited faced a tight deadline to transform its marketing organization to align with the company’s new go-to-market (GTM) model.

How Forrester Helped

Forrester worked with Kikos to evaluate the marketing structure and identify changes that would enable marketing to support the new GTM approach.

Business Impact

Working with Forrester helped Fujitsu Australia Limited:

  • Transform marketing to align with new sales model
  • Enhance perception of marketing’s value
  • Secure funding for additional marketing roles
  • Strengthen efficiency and morale of marketing team
  • Increase digital footprint and brand awareness


Transform Marketing To Support A New GTM Approach

When Fujitsu Australia Limited’s sales team was restructured from a geography-based to an industry segment-based model, the marketing organization was ill-equipped to support the change. Along with lacking a suitable structure, the marketing organization suffered from a lack of internal collaboration and alignment, which diminished its effectiveness.

Kikos faced a tight deadline to revamp the marketing function to support the new sales structure and go-to-market approach. In just a few months, she would need to present her recommended changes and headcount requirements to the company board.

How Forrester Helped

Introduced The Eight C’s Of Effective Organizational Design Model To Restructure Marketing

Kikos sought an outside perspective to help meet her deadline. After exploring several analyst and advisory firms, she chose Forrester.

“Forrester was the most responsive,” she said. “They understood our objectives, and the ongoing engagement has been amazing.”

Kikos and the Forrester analyst worked through The Forrester Eight C’s of Effective Organizational Design model, which provides a systematic approach for auditing organizational structure and reconfiguring to align with company goals. Along with marketing structure, they also evaluated team capabilities, competencies, processes, and workflows to identify what was needed to equip marketing to truly support the business.

Working with Forrester, Kikos rewrote most of her team’s job descriptions to align with what was needed to support the new sales structure. She allowed team members to be considered for multiple roles so they could choose what best suited their interests, skill sets, and desired paths for growth. Kikos also separated the strategy and execution functions within some teams to improve their effectiveness, allowing the strategy arm to focus on developing go-to-market strategy and the execution arm to focus on getting campaigns and events into market.

The new organizational structure was then communicated to the wider business. New KPIs were developed to ensure that the team was performing to the expectations of the new model.

They understood our objectives, and the ongoing engagement has been amazing.

Annemarie Kikos
Head of Strategic Marketing

Business Impact

Marketing Now Equipped To Deliver For The Business

With help from Forrester, Kikos transformed the marketing organization in just a couple of months. The marketing team is now better aligned to the industry-based business model, with team members specifically aligned to each of the industries and portfolios.

Clearly defining marketing roles and responsibilities has improved efficiency and morale. “Leaders and their teams are collaborating much better, and there’s a much better understanding of how to work together,” Kikos says.

The restructuring has also increased the perception of marketing’s value to the company — and has even enabled Kikos to secure funding for additional marketing roles. Additionally, it has allowed the marketing organization to grow its digital footprint and create a customer experience practice, which will help them better quantify the success of their voice-of-the-customer initiatives.

Kikos already plans to expand her work with Forrester to other areas, including marketing planning and content strategy.

“It was very important for us to bring in a partner like Forrester who has a fresh perspective and who knows the industry very well,” she says. “It has been a challenging journey, and they have helped us improve tremendously.”

Leaders and their teams are collaborating much better, and there’s a much better understanding of how to work together.

Annemarie Kikos
Head of Strategic Marketing

Disclaimer: Forrester does not endorse Fujitsu Australia Limited or its offerings.