Craft Customer-Centric Messaging That Converts

As Lightstorm prepared to launch Polarin, its new network-as-a-service solution, ensuring that the product’s messaging was as distinctive as the product itself was a must. The messaging needed to convey Polarin’s unique value while being in the customer’s language. It could neither be too technical nor too simplified.

To strike a customer-centric tone that felt just right, Lightstorm turned to Forrester. In this video, General Manager and Head of Business Prasanna Caliaperoumal explains how working with Forrester helped his team create messaging that not only resonates with prospects but helps customers realize value. “We wanted to make sure that the message and the product is perceived in the correct light, and that the experience of the customer is also delivered properly,” Caliaperoumal says.

The Forrester team helped us think critically about how we communicate our message … We were challenged at every single step, and that allowed us to come to a very refined state of messaging.

Prasanna Caliaperoumal
General Manager and Head of Polarin Business, Lightstorm