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Technology-empowered B2B buyers no longer rely on sales interactions and company product information for their decision making. Adapting to these new buying dynamics requires marketing and sales to align on novel ways to create and disseminate differentiating, credible content that resonates with the right buyer at the right time.​

We understand what it takes to produce standout content and engaging formats. Leverage Forrester’s trusted, influential voice in the market and partner with our experts to create and deliver objective thought-leading content that is backed by rich market insights and cutting-edge research. Using our proven methodologies, we help you capture mindshare, generate high-quality leads, and illustrate the ROI of your solutions.

Work with us to design an ongoing content marketing program to effectively reach your target buyers at each stage of their journey with impactful and reusable assets that can be brought to life across channels and convert prospects into customers.

Hear Midori Allen, Senior Director of Content Marketing Solutions, share results from Forrester clients who used customized reprints, speeches, and ROI studies to engage B2B buyers and increase demand.

Thought Leadership Content​

Fuel your marketing programs with credible, visionary stories that position you as a thought leader and trusted resource. Commissioned Forrester content, fueled by our objective quantitative and qualitative research, offers your buyers insight into critical trends in your key markets and recommendations aligned to your solution’s strength.​

​Aligning to your content and campaign strategies, we work with you to create: ​​

  • A short Opportunity Snapshot examining adoption and usage trends of specific market segments to demonstrate your understanding of your target market. ​
  • An in-depth Thought Leadership Program (TLP) study, analyzing trends, disruptions, and customer needs in a key market to credibly illustrate solution fit.

Forrester’s TLP captured the real-life pain points of the problems faced by modern application development and testing teams. We have been able to create many high-quality opportunities for our services as a result.

— Toby Marsden, Business Development Director, Application Delivery Management and DevOps, Hewlett Packard Enterprise​

Speaking Engagements​

We asked Forrester to present on the future of customer service and aligning engagement centers. Not only did we have a higher number of webinar registrants and attendees than ever before, all reviewers rated the event at four stars and above.

— Channel Marketing Manager, Americas, ClickSoftware Technologies​

Capture your buyers’ attention, challenge their thinking, and increase participation in your campaign and attendance at your events by having a Forrester expert present forward-thinking content that’s credible, memorable, and engaging.​

​Combine the following tactics and formats to create a campaign program that turns interest into demand:​

  • ​Interactive keynotes for your webinars and events​ inspire and educate your audience on key trends.​
  • ​Videos and podcasts showcase objective, forward-thinking expertise of your market and buyers’ needs​.​
  • ​Content for social campaigns such as tweet jams or written Q&As preceding or following keynotes help you build rapport and trust.​

TEI ROI Study​

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) custom study — based on Forrester’s proven methodology and collaboratively created with you — provides your team with the ability and tools to illustrate the tangible value of your firm’s technology products and services.​

​A Forrester TEI study equips your marketing and sales teams with:​

  • ​Case studies that deepen your credibility in a noisy market by articulating how current clients benefit from your solutions in terms of cost and ROI.​
  • Interactive ROI tools that tailor your business value to prospects’ unique situations and demonstrate the impact of your solutions with hard numbers.​
  • Visual content, including infographics and animations, that brings the case study to life, empowering your teams to have confident, effective conversations.​

Forrester assessed the effectiveness of our service in spotting fraud for a Fortune 100 credit issuer. The report has consistently performed as a top lead generation campaign and continues to be an important proof point during our sales cycle.

—Connie Gougler, Director of Marketing, iovation​

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