Firms aspire to the benefits of a customer journey focus but struggle to achieve them because of obstacles in four realms: approach, ownership, tools, and culture. Some companies, though, have found a path to journey centricity and are shifting the focus from channels and individual touchpoints to the flow of journeys across touchpoints, silos, policies, and procedures. In this episode, we discuss how three companies are doing just that. Forrester Principal Analyst, Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, joins us for the discussion.

Episode guide:

0:45 Example of a firm that has organized around its customer journeys.
2:00 What’s the before and after? How does it start?
3:08 How far can the organization scale this approach?
6:30 Example of an agile approach to journey-centric organization.
8:30 How should companies get started? How do they secure buy-in?
10:30 Should companies organize around customer journeys?
12:45 Does the urgency to re-organize vary for physical, digital, and hybrid experiences? 

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