As we approach episode 250 and the podcast’s six-year anniversary, Adele and Angelina take a look back at episodes that stuck with them over the years, great episodes for CX newbies, and the episodes that have racked up the most listens. 

Host Picks: 

Humanizing Customer Research (Episodes 119 & 120) –Meena Kothandaram from Twig + Fish and Bentley University’s Human Factors And Information Design (HFID) graduate program walks through her five-phase approach to customer research and talks about the importance of bringing stakeholders along.  

The ROI of Employee Experience (Episode 206) – Forrester research breakdown the ROI model for employee experience, including implications for revenue and brand advocacy, as well as employees’ efficiency and propensity to delight customers. 

Paying Employees For CX Is A Bad Idea (Episodes 147 & 148) – Forrester analysts Maxie Schmitt and Sam Stern discuss their research on “why paying employees for cx is a bad idea.” It’s revolutionary advice for so many companies that are automatically putting metrics like NPS into individual goals.   

How Rogers Communications Proved Business Benefits Of A Customer-Centric Culture (Episode 113) –Trays O’Reilly from Rogers Communications talks about a test-and-learn approach, called The Hot House, that (surprisingly) CX leaders in any industry can learn from. 


Great Listens For Those New To CX:

Episode 127: Gauge Your CX Management Maturity 

Episode 174: The Winning Way To Plan Customer Research 

Episode 14: Better Customer Experience Measurement Surveys And Beyond 

Episode 168: What Leading VoC Programs Get Right 

Episode 137: Eliminate Brand & CX Dissonance 


The Most Listened To Episodes: 

Episode 187: The ROI Of Design Thinking 

Episode 200: A Retrospective Of CX And UX 

Episode 212: Four Ways To Deliver Value For Customers 

Episode 197: How To Transition Your Voice-Of-The-Customer Vendor 

Episode 196: What B2B Companies Must Learn From DTC Disruptors 


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