Phil Bonhard, Head of Experience Design, Homes & Mortgages at Lloyds Banking Group

Show Notes:

Phil Bonhard, head of experience design for homes and mortgages at Lloyds Banking Group, joins us for an inside view into the design team at Lloyds.

We discuss:

  • What’s unique about the design team at Lloyds?
  • What skills is Lloyds bringing in-house?
  • What kind of talent should a design team look for, and what skills will translate into great customer experiences?
  • How do you get buy-in from the business to invite exploration and implement the right exploratory research from the beginning?
  • Where does the Lloyds team spend the most time — in the solution space or the problem space?
  • How can you combat the “cost center” perception of design teams?
  • How can you articulate the costs you’ve avoided that can come from poorly designed experiences?
  • What is Lloyds’s vision for growing the design practice?

Listen to the full episode to hear more about how experience design is maturing at Lloyds. 


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