Gina Bhawalkar, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Responsible design — design that aligns with a company’s brand purpose, values, and commitments — is a powerful tool for earning trust. Forrester Principal Analyst Gina Bhawalkar joins us for a discussion on what responsible design is and why brands should embrace it.

We discuss:

  • What is responsible design? How do we define it?
  • Why aren’t we seeing more businesses adopt responsible design?
  • How are firms measuring the value of a responsible design process?
  • What does responsible design look like in practice, and how can companies begin to implement it?
  • How will it impact businesses’ existing design processes?

Tune in for a thorough discussion about Forrester’s responsible design research and practical applications. And check out the latest episode on our sister podcast, What It Means, for an overview of the business benefits of responsible design.