Sucharita Kodali, VP, Principal Analyst
Fiona Swerdlow, VP, Research Director

Show Notes:

Forrester predictions are grounded in the previous year’s trends. To that end, VP, Principal Analyst Sucharita Kodali and VP, Research Director Fiona Swerdlow offer CX pros insight into 2024’s biggest changes in retail experience by first outlining 2023 trends and forecast data. They note the influence of digital and systemic risk on the biggest predictions. 

We cover: 

  • How is the cross-channel experience evolving? What are implications for the associate experience? 
  • What trends did we see in 2023 that will continue in 2024?  
  • Where have trends reversed? 
  • What are some global phenomena that are negatively affecting the customer experience? 

To learn more, see the Forrester report, Predictions 2024: Retail.