Gordon Barnett, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Customer experience for IT (CX4IT) is a concept that transforms how IT operates, placing customers at its center. Forrester Principal Analyst Gordon Barnett explains how to build experience-driven IT organizations and why it matters. We discuss how CX pros can inspire, inform, and collaborate with IT leaders to achieve great CX for IT.  

We discuss: 

  • Who are the “customers” in CX4IT? 
  • Is there a specific definition of CX when it comes to IT offerings? 
  • What are the benefits of CX4IT? 
  • Do CX pros partner with IT to make CX4IT happen, or is this an opportunity space? 
  • Does best-in-class CX4IT look the same in every organization? 
  • How can CX pros approach the IT org to inspire change? 

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