Oliwia Berdak, VP, Research Director

David Hoffman, VP, Research Director

Show Notes:

Every year, Forrester looks to the future to predict what we think will happen across industries, geographies and technologies. In this episode, VP, Research Directors Oliwia Berdak and David Hoffman join us to talk about where they see the financial services industry heading in 2024. Some cover: 

  • Thirty percent of customers will shift deposits away from their primary bank 
  • Fintechs and TradFis will design niche journeys to differentiate in crowded markets
  • Open banking will be the hot topic in the US — but four out of five banks will fail to act
  • Half of embedded distributors will struggle to convert consumer interest to sales 
  • Multiple US investment firms will add bond screening capabilities to their mobile apps

Listen to the episode to hear Forrester’s takes on these predictions, among others.