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Forrester podcasts provide a unique opportunity to hear directly from the analysts who work with clients to tackle their most pressing business and IT challenges. Subscribe to the What It Means podcast to hear interviews on topics such as enterprise technology, marketing, EX, and more. And check out the CX Cast to hear a weekly conversation about customer experience best practices and strategies.

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What It Means: A Forrester Podcast

Each week, the What It Means podcast invites Forrester analysts to discuss the latest trends and challenges to help business and technology leaders make bold decisions and become truly customer-obsessed.


How Will Generative AI Change B2B Marketing?

What It Means 6 days ago
For all the FOMO that generative AI has inspired among B2B marketers, many aren’t sure where to start with it. Principal Analyst Lisa Gately shares her insights this week on What It Means.

Responsible Design

What It Means September 14, 2023
Delighted customers or PR nightmare? The difference can boil down to responsible design. Before your company ends up in an IRL episode of “Black Mirror,” listen to this podcast about responsible design featuring Principal Analyst Gina Bhawalkar.

Healing The Breach Between Tech And Security Leaders

What It Means September 7, 2023
The long-standing divide between tech executives and security leaders has widened of late, says VP and Principal Analyst Jinan Budge. What’s behind the tension, and what can be done to fix it? Budge shares insights from her latest research this week on What It Means.

The Generative AI Inflection Point

What It Means August 31, 2023
Generative AI (genAI) has driven a lot of change in a short period. Senior Analyst Rowan Curran and Vice President and Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder discuss the genAI inflection point and its impact on the future of work.

The CX Cast

Research-based guidance on how to manage customer experience (CX) at any organization — an imperative that Forrester has been researching for over 20 years. Each week, Forrester analysts discuss key findings from their latest research on CX; analyze relevant topics in the news; or chat with CX professionals about how they’ve overcome prevalent challenges managing CX in their organizations.


323: How To Connect With Stakeholders On CX

The CX Cast 1 day ago
CX pros are used to focusing on the customer, often using tools like personas and workshops to create stellar customer experiences. This week, Forrester Senior Analyst Su Doyle makes the case for using those same strategies to prove CX value internally.

322: Responsible Design For CX Pros

The CX Cast September 19, 2023
Responsible design — design that aligns with a company’s brand purpose, values, and commitments — is a powerful tool for earning trust. Forrester Principal Analyst Gina Bhawalkar joins us for a discussion on what responsible design is and why brands should embrace it.

321: Shared CX

The CX Cast September 6, 2023
Many brands sell products through retailers. Forrester Senior Analyst Michelle Beeson joins the CX Cast this week to discuss how, now that we care more than ever about the customer experience, the brand and retailer partnership is more important than ever.

320: How To Build An Actionable Journey Atlas

The CX Cast August 29, 2023
The right approach to building a journey atlas will ensure the resulting product is insightful and actionable. Susan McNulty, consultant in CX transformation, has worked in CX leadership roles across several industries. She offers her experiences and practical, easy-to-follow expertise on the journey atlas creation process.