Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) and Information Resources, Inc. (IRI; Nasdaq: IRIC) today announced the formation of Netquity™, a joint venture to deliver Internet research to brand managers. The first-of-its-kind researchservice provides consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies with the information and analysis necessary to build and refine brand Internet strategies. CPG companies can use Netquity to integrate Internet initiatives into theirbusiness-planning processes.

Netquity will provide CPG marketers with research Reports and data that analyze the Internet trends that affect brand marketing. Netquity’s firstReport, “A New Channel For Old Brands,” is currently being released to clients.

Netquity combines Forrester’s industry-leading Internet research capabilities with IRI’s renowned ability to provide business information andinsights based on electronic point-of-sale purchase data and household behavior panels in the $1 trillion worldwide CPG industry. Forrester and IRI are working jointly to offer Netquity to the world’s leading CPG companies, with IRI providing sales channels as well as its database resources, and Forrester providing Internet research and online marketing resources.

“Netquity is a unique research tool that could only be the product of a Forrester-IRI joint venture,” said William M. Bluestein, Ph.D., president and chief operating officer at Forrester. “CPG companies are struggling to analyze how the Internet impacts their business at the brand level. It is exciting to work with IRI to provide these companies with a solution to this growing need. Coupling our ability to analyze the effect of the Internet on specific industries with IRI’s world-class database on individual consumer purchasing behavior will generate a formidable array of insights for the CPG marketer.”

“Netquity represents the first time that clients will be able to rely on data-driven business intelligence in understanding how the Internet will affect the performance of their brands,” said Rick Kurz, IRI’s division president of strategic business development. “Netquity offers significantvalue to CPG companies that want to be ahead of the curve as the Internet becomes an increasingly important factor in consumer purchasing decisions.”

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