The technology industry’s historical US-centric world order is waning due to the rapid growth of India and China, with their tech-savvy middle-class, IT-hungry corporations and rapidly expanding innovation capabilities. Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) projects three scenarios for the evolution of this new tech world order based on how a number of factors play out, including India’s and China’s sustained domestic market growth rates and governmental support for free market activities.

Regardless of how the global tech sector evolves during the next two decades, US tech vendors should learn to cooperate through global Innovation Networks: multipolar ecosystems that exploit India’s and China’s huge markets and growing talent pools. Forrester’s advice: Assess your willingness to take risks when investing in these emerging markets.

Forrester Vice President Navi Radjou and Senior Analyst Simon Yates will present the findings from a new report, “How India, China Redefine The Tech World Order,” and address how US companies — both tech vendors and Fortune 500 IT users — can devise a sound strategy that will allow them to exploit the talent and market opportunities available in India and China while minimizing the threats, such as a cooling of the red-hot Chinese economy.

A media Q&A session will immediately follow the panel.


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