Business Technographics

Selling to the business buyer has gotten harder. Buyers have taken on consumer behaviors and are more outcome-based in their thinking and selection. You need to treat them as individual consumers while sufficiently understanding their industry, operation, and challenges.

Business Technographics® data allows you to understand and design to today’s buying sensibilities and processes, surfacing the distinct challenges, needs, and purchasing trends of modern-day technology buyers.

Business Technographics provides:

  • Business data insights on technology adoption, areas of investment, and purchasing inhibitors, so you can identify potential new market opportunities.
  • Understanding of your buyers’ challenges, priorities, and behaviors, so you can design optimal product positioning, messaging, and content to resonate.
  • Buyer purchase journey insights allow you to design the right marketing mix to reach your customers and improve time-to-close.
  • Unique opportunities to provide custom business data for your needs, drawing from our primary research and Business Technographics data.

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