CX Index

CX is designed to be an engine of growth — today, that is more potential than reality. Those that are enjoying that reality can translate a rich set of CX measures to specific investments to drive revenue performance. In fact, brands that excel in CX increase revenue at twice the rate of brands that don’t.

Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) is designed to close the loop between CX measures and growth, connecting quality and loyalty measures to specific revenue drivers, giving you unprecedented ability to guide investments that produce the greatest revenue return.

Connect CX Measurement To Growth

  • A rich set of CX measures, including quality and loyalty measures, so you gain a keen view of how customers perceive and feel about their experiences. This includes a unique view of emotion that still represents the greatest indicator of future growth.
  • Industry benchmarks, so you can see where you stand relative to your peers and where your customers see you as differentiated, on par with, or behind your direct competitors
  • Revenue modeling that is tied to priority drivers so you can estimate likely revenue payoff by improving specific experiences

You can access Forrester’s CX Index data and insights through Forrester Decisions research services for customer experience leaders and B2C marketing executives.

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