North America Planning Assumptions 2022: B2B Sales

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

Join our Sales Planning Assumptions webinar. Discover key trends that will change sales in 2022. 

Today’s buyers are digital first. Sales leaders and sales ops leaders must embrace this reality and transform their organizations to deal with the consequences  mountains of new data being generated by digital interactions, for one  or risk falling behind more responsive competitors. 

Watch this webinar for a deep dive into a few of the key trends that you must understand and act on (yes, we’ll tell you how) to help your sales teams achieve revenue goals.

We’ll explain: 

  • Why it’s time to turn to technology to capture and understand customer sentiment. 
  • How to build your revenue operations (hint: structure first” is doing it backwards).
  • Why individual sales heroics and gut instinct will give way to an insights-driven sales system. 

Sales is at a crossroads. It’s time to embrace the adaptations you made in the last two years and align your selling approach to the way people buy now. Learn how and watch our Sales Planning Assumptions webinar. 

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45 minutes