AJ Joplin

Senior Analyst, Forrester

AJ is the lead analyst for Forrester’s research on customer experience (CX) research and tools. Communicating the value of research inside any enterprise is AJ’s professional passion. She advises companies on research practices and tools, scaling research teams and using research to inform product strategy. AJ also has years of workshop facilitation experience in human-centered design and design thinking. Using her professional coaching skills, AJ bring clients through ambiguity and into alignment on what matters and what’s next.

Prior to joining Forrester, AJ worked at USAA and IBM, scaling the design practice that organizations must develop in order to deliver amazing CX. As a result, AJ acquired great insight into best practices for how to align organizations to deliver customer-driven value.

AJ holds a BS in business administration from Dallas Christian College and an MBA in product and marketing management from the University of Denver.