Anne Slough

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Anne has a rich history of directing senior-level executives in developing their corporate strategies and performance improvement initiatives, especially related to sales, sales enablement, sales operations, and customer experience. She has an extensive background in developing business plans, diagnosing operational gaps, implementing results-oriented sales initiatives with organizations of all sizes, and helping organizations create and live their brand promise. Before joining Forrester SiriusDecisions, Anne held key consulting, business development, and leadership roles in which she partnered with organizations to improve their workforce and business performance by focusing on strategy, culture, and talent needs.

Anne has demonstrated breadth and depth of experience in establishing and growing high-performing teams. From selecting technology to establishing recruiting and selection procedures, goal-setting processes, feedback systems, and coaching models, she has an expansive understanding of the complexities facing organizations today. Her career expertise spans the retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, utilities, high-tech, and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as the financial services industry (banks, insurance companies, brokerage, and card services groups) within the United States and abroad. She is often sought out to speak at industry events.

Anne received a BA in English and communications and a master’s degree in English from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.