Audrey Campbell

Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, London Stock Exchange (LSE)

Audrey Campbell is a global Diversity & Inclusion leader with a passion and proven track record of delivering real diversity and inclusion change across a variety of sectors, including the Professional, Financial and Engineering sectors, as well the Public and not-for-profit sectors.

The value of working across a range of large complex organisations means that she has had the opportunity to learn what works and to craft a distinctive approach to Diversity and inclusion. She’s learnt the critical importance of meeting organisations where they are on their journey; deeply understanding their unique character and context; building relationships and partnering with key stakeholders to set and lead integrated inclusion strategies where goals are owned at every level and leaders are accountable for delivering inclusion change that sticks. Her practice is shaped by the principle that ‘real change happens in real work, and those who do the work, do the change’ (Myron Rogers).

In terms of substance, Audrey recognises that D&I change is complex, messy and challenging, but never lose sight of the powerful impact of creating the right conditions for ‘everyone’ to thrive – and the real possibility of creating something new with people that did not exist before.

Audrey’s approach is evidence-based, which means she helps organisations rely on lived experience, data and cutting-edge research which are then used to set priorities, and shape interventions. She’s committed to practical strategies that interrupt the status quo, approaches that move away from ‘fixing’ under-represented groups, and move towards a focus on ‘fixing’ the impact of the decisions that leaders make every day that often have an unintended negative impact on under–represented groups. This is a focus that debunks the myths and stereotypes that unintentionally get in the way of inclusion change.

Audrey previously led the Diversity & Inclusion strategies at the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and at Refinitiv prior to the integration with LSEG, at Babcock International, and EY. Audrey is currently on garden leave and expected to return to work in August 2022.

Audrey has a Masters in Business and Employment law; she is a fellow of the Windsor Leadership; and a SFEDI accredited business advisor.