Line Larrivaud

Senior Consultant, APAC Consulting, Forrester

Line is a senior consultant within Forrester’s Asia Pacific Consulting practice. Based in Sydney, she helps clients advance their B2B content, customer experience, and digital strategies to add value to their business results. She has a background in employee experience acquired during her previous work experience across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Previous Work Experience

Before joining Forrester, Line was an HR professional at Schlumberger — the world’s largest oil services company. She started her career as an HR process analyst in Dubai, where she developed innovative solutions to support HR systems and related interfaces. She then moved to an HR representative position, playing a key role in the business strategy and overall management of HR services and programs located in Dubai and Singapore.


Line graduated with a master’s in management from the Toulouse Business School, where she majored in human resources management. She also holds a bachelor of arts in business administration and management from the University of Wales.