Mike Mattera

Director of Corporate Sustainability, Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Mike Mattera is the Director of Corporate Sustainability at Akamai Technologies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He holds a BS in Project Management, an MS in Construction Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology, a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Sustainability from NYU’s Stern School of Management, and a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics from Cornell University.

Mike has been working in the technology field in various capacities for over 15 years, focusing on network infrastructure and design, program management, sustainable building construction, facilities management, and building management system design.

He is considered to be a jack-of-all-trades by his peers and accomplished in a long-list of disciplines. At Akamai, Mike is responsible for the company’s global sustainability strategic vision. He is committed to developing meaningful, long-term sustainable practice across the Akamai Intelligent Edge platform, infrastructure that supports the world’s best and most secure digital experiences across the internet.