Tim Hogarth

Chief Technology Officer, ANZ

Tim Hogarth is the Chief Technology Officer at ANZ and is accountable for the architecture of the bank, the engineering standards and plays a key role in the technology planning and prioritisation.   Tim works closely with business teams, helping shape roadmaps and aligning technology investment.  He also works closely with the architecture and engineering teams at ANZ, driving up the bank’s technology prowess through a focus on pragmatic standards, common platforms and engineering excellence.

Tim’s big drivers and interests are anchored to AI, cloud migration, better management of data and using simplified engineering to drive up resilience and reduce complexity.

He’s worked in other banks in North America, the UK and in Australia, and has a technology delivery track record spanning more than twenty years. A practical and considered leader, Tim spends a great deal of time thinking about how to harness emerging technology industry shifts for greater enterprise value in large organisations.