Vincy Leung

Director of Enterprise Architecture and Innovation, A.S. Watson

With over 16 years of IT consulting experience in fortune 500 companies,  Vincy Leung founded the Enterprise Architecture and Innovation Team in 2018 to enable A.S. Watson to become digitally enabled H&B retail platform.


Vincy works tirelessly with internal stakeholders to match business goals and technology vision in a pragmatic way to deliver business values. She led the EA team to define and realize just-enough outcome-driven enterprise architecture practice globally, achieving A.S. Watson’s O+O (online plus offline) strategy with scale and resilience. Her passion in automation creates a culture and environment, nurturing people to be innovative business problem-solvers.


As well as having a successful career in IT, Vincy is also a mother of two boys. Her ability to balance work-life balance is a testimony to her strength as a career woman and a leader in her field.