The “Future Of” Series

Insight Into What’s On The Horizon

Forrester’s “Future Of” series tackles the greatest challenges firms will face in the next five years. These complimentary, pragmatic guides provide insight into what’s coming and how your business can prepare.

The Future Of CX 

Customer experience will become the through line that keeps brand purpose and customer relationships stable amid unprecedented disruption. Learn why.

The Future Of Work

Automation will define the future of work. With the rise of automation and intelligent technologies such as robots, AI, machine learning, and others, the pragmatic search for margin is introducing a speed of change and uncertainty not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

Firms are in a difficult position: Act too slow and risk falling behind; act too quickly and generate unnecessary complexity and confusion.

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The Future Of IT

Technology will determine the future of your enterprise. While the need to be customer-driven will endure, an evolving business ecosystem will compel IT to take on a larger role — ensuring that technology creates new possibilities and capabilities that will lead business strategies and operations into the future.

New waves of customer trends, data, organizational structures, leadership, and employees (among others) will shape the future of IT — and the global market.

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The Future Of Payments

Digital payments once revolutionized commerce. Now, commerce will revolutionize payments, making them an invisible, invaluable part of an elegant, customer-first commerce experience.

Autonomous payments will rebalance economic and market power, assert and protect identity in new ways, and overhaul existing rewards structures. As this shift in processes and preferences expands, it will fundamentally disrupt the status quo for today’s payments leaders.

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The Future Of Organizations

Today’s organizational structure has aged out. Built on a foundation of stability, accountability, and control, traditional organizational design protects its silos and political affiliations at the cost of speed and innovation.

A major upheaval is on the horizon — this rigidity will only support businesses for so long. Within the next five years, we will see a more fluid, agile, and operationally efficient structure take its place.

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