Close Gaps In Your Generative AI Security

Watch this webinar to learn how to secure your use of generative AI (genAI) with a framework for success.

Concerned about the risk and privacy challenges posed by genAI? As employees gain more access to third-party genAI tools, security leaders must close gaps in data privacy, compliance, and vendor management practices.

Watch Forrester’s 30-minute webinar on securing your genAI use. Get analyst insight on how to navigate data privacy and compliance mandates and prepare your security strategy for the rise of genAI in enterprise applications. 

We discuss the challenges of managing genAI security risks, such as outdated contracts, lack of observability, and difficulty detecting and responding to potential vulnerabilities.


Come away knowing how to use a security framework to secure genAI adoption and explore the security controls and skills crucial for safeguarding this emerging technology.

Watch so you can: 

  • Tackle the top genAI challenges for security leaders. 
  • Secure genAI across models, APIs, and applications. 
  • Close security gaps with embedded genAI in apps. 

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Webinar: Secure Your GenAI Use

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