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TJ Keitt, Principal Analyst

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Every company delivers a customer experience. No matter if you sell one-dollar roofing nails or million-dollar turbines, CX informs what clients think of your firm. While strong CX is a business priority for many B2C companies, their B2B brethren are lagging behind.

Principal Analyst TJ Keitt discusses how B2B firms can conceptualize and capitalize on CX. Imagine a sales leader treating a client to a round of golf, a contact center employee resolving a buggy application, or a billing specialist explaining itemized charges — although each of these employees serve different functions at the company and may be in offices continents apart, the client on the receiving end is the same person.

These clients carry their impressions from each interaction throughout the customer life cycle. Every interaction impacts their decision about whether to increase, decrease, or eliminate spend with your firm. Increasingly, B2B buyers expect the same level of CX they experience when buying consumer goods in their personal lives, upping the ante for firms.

B2B companies can benefit by mapping their customer experience ecosystem and orchestrating it with purpose. This process starts with a mindset switch, and it can end with benefits such as increased retention, higher profitability, and fewer frustrated calls to support teams.