Laura Koetzle, VP, Group Director

Show Notes:

It’s almost three years after the Brexit referendum, and we’re still swimming in uncertainty. The April 10 deadline has been extended to the ominous date of October 31. By now, you may be tired of the UK government’s constant debating, the endless delays, and the economic anxieties that go with it. Like House of Commons Speaker John Bercow, you’re likely appealing for order.

Unfortunately, as VP and Group Director Laura Koetzle explains, you can’t sit on the sidelines and wait to see how things shake out. Whether there’s a deal or not, some form of Brexit is coming. If you’ve started planning, continue. If you haven’t started, get moving. In this week’s What It Means, we explore key areas that businesses must address.

Even a generous Brexit deal could leave your business in a tricky spot. Obstacles could include visa issues, tariffs, data regulations, price increases, and more. And you won’t know how severe the impact will be until a deal (or a deadline) passes. Having a plan for each of the likely scenarios could help operations continue to flow smoothly.

For example, do you know what your workers will do if the UK is suddenly ousted from the free movement permitted by the Schengen Area? If you have operations in London, does it make sense to transition in part or in full to an EU city? If you’re looking to expand into Europe, what cities might offer the benefits that London used to provide? Listen to our thoughts on these issues and more.