Sam Stern, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Firms are tackling multiple, sweeping business transformations simultaneously. Many firms have most (or even all) of the following to-dos on their docket:

  • Build a customer-centric culture.
  • Introduce agile methods.
  • Become more innovative.
  • Thwart disruptors.
  • Adopt automation.

That’s a lot. Employees feel overwhelmed, anxious, and fearful about the future. Your firm won’t be able to succeed in its ambitions unless employees feel invested. At Forrester’s CX NYC Forum, Principal Analyst Sam Stern broke down why employees are crucial to business transformations and how firms can ensure that their employees are set up for success.

Listen to Sam’s keynote from CX NYC on this week’s What It Means to learn how to build a great employee experience that can fuel growth and ensure that your strategic ambitions are accomplished. Employees do better when they are rewarded for experimenting, understand their place in the firm’s future, and can ask questions. Plus, helping employees understand and realize their full potential can equip your firm with the talent and elasticity to succeed in a rapidly transforming world.