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A great employee experience enables employees to focus on their most important work. Disruption has become the new norm, and empowering employees to grow and change is crucial for firms looking to be the disruptor, not the disrupted.



The Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms, Q2 2024 Is Now Live!

Cheryl McKinnon 3 days ago
The Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms, Q2 2024 published on June 6. I conducted an in-depth analysis of 13 vendors and evaluated their products across 28 criteria. My assessment revealed three Leaders, five Strong Performers, and five Contenders. I Found Four Key Things I’ve covered this space for years, and I’ve seen an exceptionally fast pace […]

The FTC Rule Banning Noncompetes Is An EX Opportunity

David Johnson April 30, 2024
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released a proposed final ruling banning employers from executing noncompete agreements for nearly all employees — excepting only “senior executives” — and requiring them to notify employees that they’re no longer bound by existing noncompetes. Find out why this could be a unique EX opportunity.


Don’t Miss Our 2024 Predictions Deep Dive

Hear directly from the tech, CX, and B2B analysts behind our 2024 global predictions and get an important generative AI update from Forrester’s CEO, George Colony.


Learn How Humans And AI Will Unite In The Future Of Work

Betsy Summers April 30, 2024
This year’s CX Summit North America will feature our latest insights into how AI will impact company culture, DEI priorities, customer experience, and more.

Five Things You Should Know About Burnout In Cybersecurity But Probably Don’t

Jinan Budge April 18, 2024
The cybersecurity industry continues to focus almost exclusively on technology at the expense of dealing with the heart of cyberdefenses: the people. Yet the stress of expectations, limited resources, and detriments to well-being continues to cause havoc with the mental and physical health, productivity, and retention of the cybersecurity workforce.

Federal Workforce Tops The List For The President’s 2025 Budget

Angelina Gennis April 16, 2024
Building a results-oriented culture in government will require evaluating what culture is and defining leaders’ role in it. Learn more in this post.

Low AIQ Threatens Employees, Customers, And Your AI Initiatives

J.P. Gownder April 11, 2024
Most leaders underestimate the amount of training and upskilling their employees need to productively use AI tools. That miscalculation puts organizations at risk. Learn how to avoid the risks of Low AIQ.

Microsoft Unbundling Teams From Microsoft 365 Is Just A Sneaky Price Hike

Leslie Joseph April 8, 2024
Microsoft announced recently that it was unbundling Teams from its various Microsoft 365 plans worldwide. Find out what is actually changing and what it means for customers, regulators, and Microsoft.

Grow Faster And Be More Profitable With CX Alignment

Customer-centric B2C companies with aligned CX teams see higher growth and revenue. Download our CX Alignment Toolkit to accelerate growth by engaging and aligning stakeholders.


Quantifying Microsoft Copilot For Microsoft 365 Use Just Got Easier

J.P. Gownder April 3, 2024
Microsoft’s new Copilot Dashboard aims to significantly upgrade the data available to Copilot M365 users. Learn how in this post.

Are You A Better Manager Than A Bot?

What It Means March 28, 2024
After years of underinvestment in management training, the era of AI brings an intriguing question: Can human managers be replaced by AI? Vice President and Principal Analyst Katy Tynan joins the podcast to provide her perspective.

Managing Well In A Hybrid-Work World

What It Means March 14, 2024
Hybrid work is now the norm for many office jobs, but management styles haven’t quite caught up, says Senior Analyst Angelina Gennis. On this week’s podcast episode, she explains what it means to manage well in a post-pandemic work world. 

To Spark Innovation, Make The D In DEI About Disability, Too

David Hoffman March 13, 2024
People with disabilities are innately resourceful and can serve as the cornerstone of innovation at financial institutions. Learn four ways many firms miss out on this opportunity for innovation and inclusivity.

Five Ways To Tell That Your Leadership Communication Skills Need Work

Katy Tynan March 13, 2024
Guiding the workforce through ongoing and urgent change requires strong leadership communication skills. Are your skills up to the challenge? Find out in this post.

Gemini For Google Workspace Plays The Long Game

J.P. Gownder February 23, 2024
Google recently announced its new generative AI solution for productivity, Gemini for Google Workspace. Can it compete with Microsoft Copilot? Here's what tech and business leaders need to know.

Build A Human-Centered Productivity Strategy

J.P. Gownder February 22, 2024
Too many leaders are distracted by outdated and incorrect conceptions of how to drive productivity. Learn the value of a human-centered productivity strategy in this preview of our new report.

Stormy Seas Ahead: Top Trends On The Horizon For Healthcare In 2024

Arielle Trzcinski February 21, 2024
Healthcare organizations (HCOs) are navigating turbulent waters as they confront long-standing industry challenges and broad economic currents. Learn how how HCOs can weather the storm and overcome these challenges.

The Forrester Wave™: Learning Management Systems And Experience Platforms, Q1 2024 — Three Things I Learned

Katy Tynan February 21, 2024
Find out how learning management systems (LMS) and LXP providers are responding to skills-based talent models, talent shortages, and generative AI in this preview of our Forrester Wave™: Learning Management Systems And Experience Platforms, Q1 2024.

Can Your Managers Also Be Good Coaches?

Betsy Summers February 20, 2024
Though coaching is linked to high employee engagement and performance, there are nuances that are important for managers to understand. Learn about the coaching skills that can deliver the best outcomes.

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Is Too Much Tech Overburdening Clinicians?

What It Means February 8, 2024
How is the growing disconnect between tech leaders and clinicians contributing to burnout? Find out as Senior Analyst Shannon Germain Farraher explores the current and future state of technology in clinical settings.  

Tear Down The Tiered Analyst System In The SOC

Allie Mellen January 31, 2024
Learn how taking a new approach to how you position analysts in your security operations center (SOC) can reduce burnout and help build a deeper security talent pool.

Human Centricity: The Future Of IT Experience Monitoring

Andrew Hewitt January 30, 2024
IT organizations must evolve they way they monitor employee and customer experience technologies. Learn why in this blog post.
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