J.P. Gownder, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Employees are inundated with apocalyptic headlines about automation. While certain predictions are overblown, there’s no question that job losses at the hands of automation are coming. Many remaining jobs will be transformed as workers and robots start working closely together. These sweeping shifts and uncertainties have left employees fearful and anxious.

As Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder explains, companies will see more success with automation by proactively communicating with employees what they can expect and why they still matter to the company.

A formal employee experience bill of rights outlines the foundational principles of EX that workers can continue to expect even when the firm’s circumstances evolve. It establishes a sense of security and long-term stability for employees, which contributes to their well-being and outlook. It also helps define how employers will approach automation, ensuring that it leads to success, not frustration and to production gains, not talent losses.

Every firm’s bill of rights will be different in order to reflect its unique values and culture. To help inspire the conversation, this podcast discusses five suggested rights that range from the right to resources about automation to the right to a clear career path. Listen to the full podcast to discover why successful automation depends on positive EX.